For the use only for the registered medical practitioners or hospitals and laboratories. This compilation and literature of the drug is only for the guidance and information for the registered medical practitioners only. Properties and indications of the drug are on the basis of the raw materials available, detailed indications on the approved books of the first schedule of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act of 1940 of the Central Act of the Government of India.





The world has surely progressed and is following the terms dictated by modern medicine. However time and again, human beings have come back to Ayurveda to lead a healthy lifestyle. With the help of Ayurveda, millions of people are healing their bodies.
Ayurveda is a gift of god’s own natural resources from trees and herbs and sherbs plants. Consuming Ayurveda by no means can cause harm to human body, but it can help the body in many ways.
Ayurveda is an amalgamation of ancient traditional knowledge and the modern commitment to experience, system and testability. Adopting Ayurveda clearly means inculcating in you a lot of perseverance. Munir Khan’s Body Revival is based on the Ayurvedic formulation to serve patients with various diseases and disorders.
Ayurveda achieves rejuvenation through various body purification processes (shodhana) which were adopted by the ancient hermits/ascetics. These are known ‘detoxification’ in modern science. After detoxification, to further revive the ageing body, Rasayana (rejuvenation) therapy was initiated. The precise selection of effective herbs and then action of each plant was determined by the doctrine of Rasa, Virya, vipak, Guna and Karma of the plant. Rasayanas were thus, specific remedies for rejuvenation (Body revival) especially for the aged and were so powerful that they could also treat in human body. With this therapy all tissues, glands and organs, however inactive, started to function in harmony in human body.
Rasayana is the Ayurvedic science of rejuvenation and longevity. “Body Revival” is one such “Rasayana” developed by Munir Khan’s Health Reactive.