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Under the leadership of Mr. Munir Khan, Health Reactive has grown multi-fold since its inception. Mr. Munir Khan’s extensive self research in Ayurveda coupled with his knowledge about modern technology has resulted in a successful brand ‘Health Reactive’. The focus of the Research & Development department has always been to bring out the best products in the market for the welfare of the society.  ‘Body Revival’ is the result of an extensive in-house research led by Mr. Munir Khan at Health Reactive’s state of the art facilities.

The super successful organization has two factories at Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh manufacturing the immensely popular herbal suspention ‘Body Revival’.

‘Health Reactive’ under the professional guidance follows all the international rules and regulations laid by the official authorities of medicine manufacturing and has ISO and GMP certifications.

Health Reactive has a well-defined Research and Development policy which focuses on developing specialized products, quality control and standardization. With the objective to eliminate the sufferings of a human body, the team at Health Reactive launched ‘Body Revival’. This unique herbal suspension is based on the principles of ‘Shodhana-Rasayana-Kayakalp’ written by Maharishi Charaka in his ayurvedic text compilation “Charaka Samhita”. Body Revival is a micro-herbal product which dissolves the harmful deposits and ushes out the toxins (Mala) through urine and stool. The perfect combination of Ayurveda and Modern Science in Body Revival has led to a wonderful selfless service to humankind.