About Us


Mr. Munir Khan’s roots can be traced to Kota in Rajasthan (India). His father Mohamed Ahmed Khan was the Lt. Colonel in British Army, after which he retired as a Security Officer from the ACC Factory. Mr. Munir Khan’s childhood memories consist of a simple life in a small town like Kota. It was during his earlier years of self research on ayurveda, which eventually blessed him with a unique formula (Body Revival) resulting in a vast organization now famously known ‘Health Reactive’.

Mr. Munir Khan’s youth was filled with curiosity about ayurveda, science and medicines that led him on a path of self-discovery. It was a life-changing experience for Mr.Munir Khan in the earlier year when he chose to fully deep dive into the science of micro herbals and thus began his self-research. Mr. Munir Khan started on his pursuit to witness the miracles that ayurveda and science could deliver when merged together!

After spending more than 3 decades of his life to the invention of unbeatable formula, patients from across India and globe have been approaching Health Reactive for the treatment of the complications that arise due to various serious diseases. Mr. Munir Khan’s believes that his life-long commitment in exploring the secrets of Science & Ayurveda has been one of the best possible gifts for humanity. There have been some instances of maligning Mr. Munir Khan’s reputation by allegations and false claims. But the critics have been silenced and truth has emerged as the final winner. All thanks to the amazing power of Body Revival. Body Revival’s strength in detoxifying the body by removing dead and toxic cells ensures immunity benefits during complications that arise from various diseases.