• Posted on: 24 Jul 2019

    The health benefits of honey

    Honey has been used as a medicine since ancient times. Using honey during winter is the most natural way to treat cold and fever. Therefore, the popularity of using honey as a medicine has risen since a decade. Treats Allergi...

  • Posted on: 24 Jul 2019

    3 Warming Yoga Poses For Winter

    Temperature is dipping down outside and we are trying to pack up to keep ourselves warm. Its obvious, most of us will prefer being home either than going out at the gym or brisk walk or yoga classes. Now you dont have to find an...

  • Posted on: 24 Jul 2019

    Must-Have Foods That Prevent Cancer

    There are a lot of fruits and vegetables that can help in protecting health. Here are some of the groups of veggies that aids in preventing various cancerous diseases. Cruciferous Vegetables High vitamins and fiber content a...

  • Posted on: 24 Jul 2019

    Amazing 14 Tips to Stay Healthy This Thanksgiving

    Here are some amazing tips to stay fit and healthy during this holiday season, without compromising on any lip smacking flavours or fun. Stay Fit 1. Move out If you are an early bed riser, then going for a brisk walk in the ...

  • Posted on: 16 Jul 2019

    6 amazing health benefits of Ramadan

    Millions of people around the world are observing fasting during the holy month of Ramadan over thousand years but few of them are fearing that such a long period of fasting will derail their health. The main intention of Muslim...

  • Posted on: 16 Jul 2019

    Secrets for staying hydrated during Ramadan

    Water is the most important fluid in the human body, but during the time of Ramadan fast people and do not drink water. Most of them drink some water during Iftar and they forget about drinking water the whole day. This is also ...

  • Posted on: 14 May 2019

    Mr. Munir Khan has been honoured with two prestigious awards.

    Mr. Munir Khan has been honoured with two prestigious awards i.e Worlds Greatest Brands 2018-2019 for his product Body Revival and Worlds Greatest Leader 2018-2019 award at the event in Dubai organized by Asia one. These pres...

  • Posted on: 24 Nov 2018

    Dr. Ulrich

  • Posted on: 02 Nov 2018

    German Doctor approves Dr. Munir Khan’s medication

    The Afternoon Dispatch Courier - 02-Nov-2018. Website - Dr. Ulrich gives the green flag, said the treatment method of Dr. ...

  • Posted on: 14 Mar 2017

    Health Reactive - 4 Must-Have Ayurvedic in Your Kitchen

    A kitchen is the place where you can have all your treasures stores. When talking about the treasure, for me it has always been Health. The kitchen is the place where you have all the natural and traditional healing remedies sto...

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