Body Revival


Indian System of medicine, Ayurveda is unique in recognizing at first rejuvenation, not only as possible, but assigning it priority over treatment of other ailments. To achieve rejuvenation, various body purification processes (shodhana) were adopted by the ancient hermits / ascetics whom we term as ‘detoxification’ in modern science. After detoxification, to further revive the ageing body, Rasayana (rejuvenation) therapy was initiated. The precise selection of divya herbs and where then action of each plants was determined by the doctrine of Rasa, Virya, Vipaca, Guna and Karma of the plant. Rasayanas were thus, specific remedies for rejuvenation (Body revival) especially for the aged and were so powerful that they could also treat irremediable diseases. With this therapy, all tissues, glands and organs, however inactive, started to function in harmony.

Rasayana is the Ayurvedic science of rejuvenation and longevity. “Body Revival” is one such “Rasayana” developed by “M/s Health Reactive”, is a unique micro herbal formula which dissolves completely the harmful deposits and flushes out the toxins (Mala) though urine and stool.

Why are patients falling back to Ayurveda help for their life to get heal and be back to normal

life? Why does modern science do not have any answer to serious complications arise due to irremediable diseases like Cancer, HIV, Diabetes and many more feared sickness… the answer is very simple- Modern science has limitations, it has advantages but not a permanent solution.

Ayurveda indicates both the ancient traditional origins of this body of knowledge and the modern commitment to experience, system, testability, and the demand that knowledge is useful in improving the quality of human life. A little patience and Ayurveda can do the impossible without any side effects, perseverance is the only route when you adopt Ayurveda and therefore “Body Revival” has adopted Ayurveda formulation to serve irremediable patients with various sicknesses.