Welcome to PM BJD DOLL CLOTHES, your premier destination for exquisite doll apparel! We are passionate about providing top-quality clothing for Ball-Jointed Dolls (BJD). Here’s a glimpse into our world:

Company Address:
263 Chic Boulevard, Paris, France

Contact Information:

Phone: +33 1 68 63 67 52
Email: pmbjddollclothes@pmbjddollclothes.com
Meet Our Team:

Sophie Laurent – Founder & Creative Director:
With a keen eye for design, Sophie leads our team with a passion for creating BJD doll theme collections. Her innovative approach sets the tone for our unique and stylish offerings.

Antoine Dubois – Head of Reviews & Feedback:
Antoine curates and reviews our Volks BJD fantasy character series. His expertise ensures that our collections meet the highest standards, offering insights and recommendations to enhance your doll’s style.

Isabelle Martin – Character Design Inspiration Specialist:
Isabelle spearheads the BJD character design process, drawing inspiration from various sources to create dolls with distinctive personalities. Her creativity adds a touch of magic to our collections.

Lucas Moreau – Footwear Trends Expert:
Lucas keeps a pulse on the latest trends in poseable BJD doll footwear. His expertise ensures that our offerings are not only stylish but also cater to the comfort and posability of your beloved dolls.

Ava Rousseau – Features Analyst & Breakdown Specialist:
Ava meticulously examines and breaks down the realistic features of BJD dolls, ensuring that our clothing complements the unique characteristics of each doll. Her attention to detail guarantees a perfect fit.

Our Focus:

BJD Doll Theme Collections 2023: Stay tuned for our upcoming collections inspired by the latest trends and themes in the BJD doll world.
Volks BJD Fantasy Character Series Reviews: Explore our reviews to make informed choices about fantasy character series from the renowned brand, Volks.
BJD Character Design Process Inspiration: Learn about the creative process behind our unique BJD character designs.
Poseable BJD Doll Footwear Trends: Discover the latest trends in poseable doll footwear curated by our expert team.
Realistic BJD Doll Features Breakdown: Understand the realistic features of BJD dolls and how our clothing complements their unique characteristics.
Thank you for being a part of the PM BJD DOLL CLOTHES community. We look forward to dressing your dolls in style!

Last updated: November 15, 2022