The world has surely progressed and is following the terms dictated by modern medicines. However time and again, human beings have come back to Ayurveda to lead a healthy lifestyle. With the help of Ayurveda, millions of people are healing their bodies Ayurveda is a gift of god's own natural resources from trees and plants, consuming Ayurveda by no means can cause harm to human body, but it can help the body in many ways. Ayurveda products and formulation is ancient age old remedy and a hit back answer to medical science that are still silent.


"Health Outside, Begins from Inside"


Munir Khan’s invention ‘Body Revival’ is a Micro-Herbal, 100% plant based formula which dissolves the harmful deposits and flushes out the toxins (Mala) through urine and stool. It also maintains and revives the tissue cells in their state of excellent health by clearing all the channels of circulation in the body, thus, bringing the body in the state of equilibrium and forcing the disease to abandon the body in the form of various excretions (Mala). Body Revival is an amazing combination of Ayurveda and modernization which relieves the ailing body from the side effects of other medicines, therapies, pollutants and toxins. 



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Benefits of Ayurveda

The world has surely progressed and is following the terms dictated by modern medicine. However time and again, human beings have come back to Ayurveda to lead a healthy lifestyle. With the help of Ayurveda, millions of people are healing their bodies.


Ayurvedic Treatment for Cancer and Immunity

Health Reactive offers an Ayurvedic Medicine for Cancer with the aim of improving the level of health and welfare of the world with products that are in harmony with society and the environment. 

With an origin dating back more than 5,000 years, in India, Ayurveda is considered as the oldest and most current medicine, simultaneously. However, modern science and allopathy now also believe in its principles, and more research is being directed to knowledge about ancient herbs and natural therapies.

Especially in India, several health centres and universities integrate Ayurveda in its programs to combat no communicable diseases. After all, all practitioners believe that prevention is better than cure, and Ayurveda provides that pathway to a healthier lifestyle.

For Ayurveda, healthy is that individual who strikes the perfect balance between body, mind and consciousness. As a way to become this ideal link, daily practice of exercises, balanced diet and emotional balance - something not far from what traditional medicine teaches us. For all forms of knowledge, this is still the best triad to prevent the onset of numerous diseases.

On cancer, in addition to the individual following the basic teachings for good health, Ayurveda still indicates a number of so-called preventative herbs. 

From there an exponential increase in scientific studies on them is scouring all the literature about this ancient knowledge.

However, while scientific research continues to deepen the prevention and cure of cancer because of its growing threat, it is imperative that you continue to take all necessary precautions to protect yourself. 

Being active, eating well is a good start.

The healthier you live the life, the less the risk runs. If you have a family history of cases of the disease, increase your care and shorten the interval between check-ups. Detect the disease early helps the treatment.

Ayurveda is a millenarian herbal medicine to boost immune system from India that aims to take care of health, thus obtaining an exterior beauty that reflects internal health. Ayurveda products provide quick solutions, without side effects, it is recommended to make use of herbs and taking advantage of what nature offers us.


How does Body revival work on cancer?

Body revival is an ayurvedic medicine based on the concept of immunotherapy to fight various deadly diseases such as cancer and much more. Testimonials of the patients using the medicine Body Revival shows that it is a proven ayurvedic formula for boosting immune system.

Body revival is ayurvedic formulation which can be given to someone suffering from a disease or  to someone who wants to maintain good health.


It works in two simple principles –


Body revival: Ayurvedic medicine to increase immunity

Body Revival has the propensity to locate all abnormal diseases producing cancer cells in the body which are detoxified and flushed out of the body through various routes of excretion and rejuvenating new healthy cells in its place which in turn alleviate the sufferings of the person. It helps in the removal of toxic substances from organisms which are harmful for the body and diseases such as cancer get alleviated.

Perfect health means wholeness, balance on all levels of life. when individual life is established in the unified field of all the laws of nature, all actions are spontaneously in accord with natural law. Body Revival helps the person to recover to normalcy, who has been suffering from abnormal diseases depending upon age, level of damage and type of human body, as every human is different in more than many ways, so the formulation works differently on every person.


Why Body revival for cancer?

Both Ayurvedic and conventional doctors agree that post chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy for cancer, the body becomes weaker. It is difficult to fight against cancer and recover health at the same time. In particular, according to doctors, even though Western treatments for cancer are toxic, But Body revival helps to deal with fatal diseases such as Cancer.

in this scenario, “Body Revival” is a boon for the sufferers of the present day

predicaments and is much needed to detoxify the toxins and pollutants destroying

our body and system to regenerate new health cells.


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