Mr. Munir Khan

Founder of Health Reactive

Inventor Mr. Munir Khan, the founder of Health Reactive had a zeal and mission to eradicate the ailments and human suffering. 
Mr. Munir Khan's life was filled with curiosity & the knowledge about Ayurveda, science and medicines that led him on a path of self-discovery. It was a life changing experience for Mr. Munir Khan in the earlier year when he chose to fully deep dive into the science of micro herbals and thus began his self-research. Mr. Munir Khan started on his pursuit to witness the miracles that Ayurveda and science could deliver when merged together which eventually blessed him with a unique formula of Body Revival resulting in a vast organization now famously known as HEALTH REACTIVE.

The pursuit of his mission gave birth to his passion to invent a product which is at pinnacle in the Shodhana Rasayana Kayakalp segment as laid out by Maharishi Charaka in his Ayurvedic text compilation "Charaka Samhita". 

His efforts and his will, paid-off and reciprocated in the form of unique Herbal Formulation - The "BODY REVIVAL"

'Inventor Khan ' and 'Samaaj Shree ' are some of the titles that Mr. Munir Khan has earned due to his contribution towards the well-being of the society. Mr. Munir Khan strongly believes in spreading wellness through his revolutionary product - Body Revival.

Mr Munir Khan has received innumerable recognition and awards by various bodies for dedicating his life in research and evolution of medicine - "Body Revival".

Mr. Munir Khan was honoured with the "Doctor of Philosophy in Ayurveda" (Honoris Causa) Honorary degree from KEISIE international university (KIU) South Korea Jointly with Confederation of International Health Care Foundation (CIHF) & Confederation of International Accreditation Commission (CIAC), Global.



After spending more than 3 decades of his life to the invention of unbeatable formula, patients from across India and globe have been approaching Health Reactive for the treatment of the complications that arise due to various serious diseases.

Mr. Munir Khan's believes that his life-long commitment in exploring the secrets of Science & Ayurveda has been one of the best possible gifts for humanity. 




Samaj Shree Award by Lions Club felicitated by Nana Chudasma.


Mr. Khan receiving Messiah UL Mulk Hakim AjmaI Award from Union Health Minster Dr. Ramdas at Delhi.


Vibrant Indian Award By Thiru Nawab Muhammad Abdul Ali, His Highness the Prince of Arcot, at Chennai.


Star of the year Award By Sri. Surjit Singh Barnala, his Excellency the Governor of Tamil Nadu at Chennai.


Mr. Khan is honoured by C.M. Devendra Fadnavis for his invention of Ayurvedic medicine.


Mr. Khan is honoured by 6th BHARAT RATNA DR. AMBEDKAR AWARDS by Shri Ramdas Athawale (RPI Chief ) Member of Parliament.


Mr. Khan has been honoured with the degree of "Doctor of Philosophy in Ayurveda" (Honoris Causa) from KEISIE international university (KIU), South Korea.


Mr. Munish Khan (CEO)

The Visionary

Mr. Munish khan, the CEO has been working day and night from past many years to take his father's dream of helping & serving humanity to a point of zenith.

Mr. Munish khan's working strategies are new piece of forethought is a stroke of genius.

Mr. Munish khan endeavoured in making health reactive more reachable to masses so that people around the globe re-recognize the worth & value of ayurveda which will help mankind to heal 'with gift of nature’.

Mr. Munish khan’s passion & love towards entertainment field is setting a new example in entertainment industry & he has been honoured several times for his creative work in the field of arts & entertainment.

Mr. Munish khan has been felicitated several times for his noble work & services & benevolence towards humankind by dint of his company health reactive.

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