It is an Ayurvedic Quality Medicine which is a 100ml herbal suspension comprising of a number of herbs which are preserved in honey as its base.
Inventor Mr. MUNIR KHAN is the Founder of the company HEALTH REACTIVE who has researched body revival.
Body Revival is an aid to all types of Human sufferings. Depending upon age, level of damage and type of human body, as every human is different in more than many ways, so the formulation works differently on every person. Number of bottles depends on the percentage of improvement. After consuming 3 to 4 dosages in case patient doesn't find relief then you can return the medicine within one month after showing the original bill we will return the 100% cash back.
Yes, an expiry date is there for the medicine which is written on the bottle.
No, this medicine does not work on any specific diseases. It acts on all abnormal diseased cells which are present in the body by detoxifying them and rejuvenating new healthy cells in its place which helps to alleviate the sufferings of the patient and the process, in turn, may lead to a cure.
BODY REVIVAL has the propensity to locate all abnormal diseases producing bad cells in the body which are detoxified and flushed out of the body through various routes of excretion and rejuvenating new healthy cell in its place which in turn alleviate the suffering of the person. it helps in the removal of the toxic substance from organisms which are harmful to the body and ailments get alleviated.
Yes, this suspension can be given to all age groups because “Body Revival” is an herbal medicine which consists of a variety of ayurvedic herbs added to the honey base, with no side effects.
It is purely an herbal-based suspension with no side effects.
Diet restricted is: Very sour edibles like lime, orange, sweet lime, pineapple, vinegar, raw mangoes, pickles, and raw tomatoes, besides this milk, curds are to be avoided. However, tea, coffee with milk and cooked tomatoes is allowed. (BESIDE THE ABOVE MENTIONED DIET RESTRICTIONS THE PATIENT ALSO HAS TO FOLLOW THE DIET CHART MAINTAINED BY HIS DIETICIAN).
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