5 Ayurvedic Home Remedies to Make Kidneys Strong and Healthy

 16 Dec 2020  1592

Ayurveda is the oldest medical practice that originated in the Indian sub-continent with its roots in ancient days when people live long and healthy. On the other hand, we live in an era when good health is always a concern.

For different organs, Ayurveda has different remedies. Today, we'll discuss the home-made ayurvedic remedies for healthy kidneys.

1. Shilajit

Shilajit is an ayurvedic ingredient which many of us have preferably used in shampoos and skincare products. However, it is not a herb though many consider it as one. It grows in the Himalayas, and like many other ayurvedic ingredients, this also has a wide variety of therapeutic benefits. 
According to ancient ayurvedic text, it points out the fact that Shilajit effectively provides relief from many kidney-related disorders or conditions such as glycosuria and cystitis. One can take 2 to 3 pills around three times a day.

2. Varuna

Varuna is an essential ayurvedic ingredient for over a millennium. Ayurveda suggests this herb as a blood purifier and diuretic that helps with diseases regarding the urinary tract. It is also useful in removing kidney and bladder stones and also prevents the building up of stones. One can consume upto 6g of Varuna.

3. Brahmi

Brahmi is said to have a soothing effect on the mind and nervous system. As stated by the old ayurvedic text, Brahmi is an herb that can be used to cure urinary diseases by eliminating ulcers or acid reflux, also known as pitta. Studies have also shown that Brahmi shows protective effects on the kidney.

4. Punarnava
This herb is used for liver and kidney conditions. As shown in ayurvedic studies, this herb is beneficial for dealing with urinary and kidney conditions and water retention problems.
Punarnava is known to show strong antioxidant properties due to its relatively high phenolic content. As stated by many researchers, this antioxidant property of Punarnava protects from renal cell injury. This herb can be used in moderation to protect the kidney.

5. Manjishtha
This herb is highly recommended to cure ulcers, especially those in the kidney or urinary tract. As mentioned in the ayurvedic text, this herb can dissolve kidney stones. It can also be used as a kidney cleanser.

Initial studies show that Manjishtha helps in making the kidneys strong and healthy. You can take 10g per day.

So, practicing ayurvedic home remedies is not that stressful and quite helpful amid the age of declination of the people's health.

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