7 Foods You Should Avoid Eating During Monsoons

 07 Jun 2021  1367

7 Foods You Should Avoid Eating During Monsoons

The monsoon season provides much-needed relief from the scorching summer heat. The cool and breezy showers and the majestic skyscape are enough to arouse irresistible food cravings. However, most of us forget that the monsoon season brings several bacterial and other infections along with it. Also, your digestive system is at its weakest during monsoons. We present a list of 7 foods you should avoid eating during monsoons. Let us start.

1. Seafood

Monsoons are the perfect breeding season for fish and prawns. Therefore, we recommend that you avoid seafood during monsoons, especially scavengers, and stick to chicken and mutton. However, if you cannot do without fish, ensure that you consume only fresh fish after cooking it properly.

2. Raw Foods and Leafy Vegetables

It is no doubt healthy to eat raw foods and leafy vegetables. However, please remember that most raw foods and green vegetables grow in the mud. It can be challenging to wash the dirt off in the monsoons, exposing you to germs and infections. As such, we recommend avoiding them during the rainy season. If you do feel the need to consume raw foods and leafy vegetables due to any reason, ensure that you boil or steam them properly.

3. Mushrooms

Mushrooms grow in wet and damp soil conditions, and not all of them are healthy for your body. Consuming mushrooms during monsoons significantly enhance the risk of bacterial and other infections.

4. Mangoes

You might not like this if you are a mango lover. But you should avoid mangoes during the monsoons. According to Ayurveda, consuming mangoes during the rainy season can seriously aggravate gastric disorders and cause acne problems.

5. Roadside Juices

Fruits and vegetables kept in the open are exposed to dirt, germs, mosquitoes, and infections. Moreover, the ice and water used by roadside vendors contain a lot of impurities. Avoid drinking fruit and vegetable juices at roadside vendors during monsoons. Prepare them at home using fresh and pure ingredients and consume them instantly.

6. Fried Foods

As highlighted earlier, the rainy season causes your digestive system to slow down. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid fried foods that can cause bloating, tummy upset, and make it difficult for your gut to handle the imbalance.

7. Dairy Products

Dairy products perish faster in hot and humid conditions. As such, you should avoid or exercise extra care before consuming dairy products. If you suffer from sinusitis or Asthma, you should avoid eating curd at all costs as it creates a lot of cough inside the body.

The monsoon season is a time to enjoy yourself with your loved ones. We are sure if you follow a healthy lifestyle and avoid certain foods, it can spare you the trouble of visiting a doctor regularly during the romantic rainy season. 

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