7 Simple Immunity-Boosting Tips for the Monsoon

 09 Jun 2021  1638

7 Simple Immunity-Boosting Tips for the Monsoon

The rainy season has a flavor of its own. It brings back our childhood memories of when we used to soak in the downpour without worrying about anything else in the world. The sound of the raindrops and the fragrance of the soil still excite many of us.

While the rainy season is perhaps the most enjoyable time of the year, it also brings along the risk of illness and infections. As such, it is extremely crucial to have a strong immune system during the monsoons. A strong immune system assumes even more significance during these difficult times of the Covid-19 pandemic when everyone needs to keep the Coronavirus away. We bring you 7 simple immunity-boosting tips for the monsoon season to help you enjoy your favorite time of the year without falling ill.

1. Eat a Healthy Balanced Diet

Eating a healthy and balanced diet ensures all body systems, including the immune system, function properly. Ensure that you add plant foods and herbs like legumes, seeds, nuts, garlic, ginger, turmeric, fruits, and vegetables rich in antioxidants and nutrients. Make it a point to include protein, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, and other macro and micronutrients to keep infections at a distance.

2. Keep Yourself Hydrated

We understand that people feel less thirsty during monsoons. However, your body needs optimum water levels to fight humidity and infections during monsoons. Ensure that you drink at least 3-4 litres of water every day to keep yourself adequately hydrated. Substitute non-essential drinks with immunity-boosting options such as green tea and soups.

3. Eat Frequent Small Meals

During monsoons, your stomach takes much longer to digest food because of the excessive humidity. Eating small meals frequently helps your body digest food quickly and easily and prevents problems such as indigestion and other gastric disorders.

4. Engage in Light Exercises

Engaging in intense workouts can suppress the immune system. Therefore, we recommend engaging in light exercises to keep yourself physically active and moving. Regular light exercises such as jogging, swimming, and brisk walking help regenerate immune cells and boost your immune system.

5. Ensure Good Personal Hygiene

A moist or damp surrounding is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and other infections. Keep the environment around you clean. Remember to wash your hands regularly and always keep a hand sanitizer handy.

6. Sleep Well

There is nothing more healthy, rejuvenating, and refreshing than a good night's sleep. You should sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours every night to ensure that your body gets enough rest and your immune system works fine.

7. Keep Yourself Free from Anxiety and Stress

Keeping yourself free from stress and anxiety is the key to a healthy immune system. Prolonged periods of stress can adversely affect the immune system. Ensure that you engage in yoga, meditation, and other activities that help you relieve stress and anxiety.

The rainy season is a time to enjoy with friends and family and not fall sick. Following the simple tips listed above can transform your monsoon experience into a lifetime memory to cherish.

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