German Doctor approves Dr. Munir Khan’s medication

 02 Nov 2018  2579

The Afternoon Dispatch & Courier - 02-Nov-2018.


Dr. Ulrich gives the green flag, said – the treatment method of Dr. Munir Khan is unprecedented

Mumbai, October 27. The famous doctor of Germany, Ulrich Randall, gave clean chit to Dr. Munir Khan’s treatment methods. Dr. Ulrich is a doctor in the city of Munich, Germany and two years ago his friends told him about the treatment and medicines of Scientist Munir Khan. The stories about Dr. Khan claiming to cure the deadly diseases prompted him to search more about him from the internet and last year he travelled to  German doctor Ulrich Randall met him at his Mumbai clinic. He observed his treatment method for some days and tried to understand it. According to him, “I felt to meet Dr. Khan as he is working on the principle of cells. He never diagnoses separately according to the symptoms of the disease, rather he reaches to the root of the disease and tries to cure it. That means he basically considers metabolism as the basis of treatment and concentrates on cleaning the body through it.”

Dr. Ulrich did not rely on Dr. Khan’s treatment casually. After spending many days in Dr. Munir Khan’s clinic, going back to Germany he carried Dr. Khan’s medicines with him and used those medicines himself in Germany. He was amazed by the result.

“Actually, I wanted to test his methods of treatment to know whether they can be trusted or not. For that purpose I came here a year ago and took some of his medicines with me while returning to Germany and tested them there also. These medicines have the taste of honey, which is very common. I started taking the dose of medicine every other day. I realized after a few days that my urine has become very dense in comparison. It was clear that after taking these medicines there was a change in the blood circulation system of my body. At first I was nervous because I did not take such medicine earlier in my life. But I continued to take medicines and soon I felt that my body has become lighter and I am feeling better. Now I am thinking to spread this unique method of treatment throughout the world and help people to liberate them from the incurable diseases. Whatever is good for humanity, “it should be spread in the whole world Also I want to learn more and more from Munir Khan”

On the other hand, expressing satisfaction on the news Dr. Munir Khan has told in Mumbai that he has always worked for the betterment of the people and obeying the policy of ‘Make in India’ of the PM is always his goal. Dr. Khan believes that Ayurveda is the science of this earth and the people of India should spread it all over the world. Dr. Khan further believes that he is a big follower of the ‘Skill India’ scheme of the Prime Minister and he thinks this scheme will not only provide employment to the people in medicine manufacturing and marketing business but also they will become competent. They will bring growth in country’s economy by becoming skilled.

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