Ayurvedic tips for different health issues

 07 Nov 2019  1073

The human body is the most complicated thing that is given by nature. When you need to enjoy your life with your sound health, it is necessary that your body, mental health, sprit, and everything have to cooperate with you and make it profitable for enhanced life. Today, the lifestyle is changed completely and human is moving so far from nature. However, the need for the people for the different health issues like cancer treatment in Ayurveda has not changed. Continue reading to know some of the tips to enjoy sound health with Ayurveda.

Ayurveda for good digestion

  • Have three meals with regular intervals and Ayurveda does not encourage fasting or skipping meals.
  • Have light breakfast, substantial and make your dinner also to be light. This will help in keeping tune with the ebb and have good digestion.
  • Caffeinated beverages are not encouraged in Ayurveda and it is better to drink hot water with a tablespoon of lemon to motivate digestion.
  • Take the right food at the right time and do not consume food unless you start to feel hungry.

Ayurveda for asthma

It is the disease that begins at the stomach and progresses to the stomach. When you are looking for asthama in Ayurveda, it aims to move excess Kapha back to the stomach. You can eat wheat, green gram, barley, horse gram. It is better to consume garlic, black pepper, and ginger. When it comes to drinks, you are allowed to drink Lukewarm water, honey and goat milk. In addition to it, you should also involve in some yoga and respiratory exercise.

Ayurveda for obesity

  • Consume low fat and low-calorie food
  • Take more protein and this will help in staying a long time without eating
  • Drinking milk is better when compared to the whole milk
  • Take cabbage in your regular meals and it will help in the conversion of sugar to fat
  • Try to consume more lemon in your food and drinks
  • Avoid unhealthy fast foods and junk foods

Final thoughts

Nature offers the best medicine that will help in curing any health issues in your body. All that you need to do is consulting with the right specialist and consume the right herbs and food items at the right time. These ensure the better in health and any other issues like diabetes in Ayurveda. Make note of it and enjoy good health.

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