Can Ayurveda shrink tumors

 09 Jun 2022  1324

Tumor Treatment without surgery

Experts in Ayurveda suggest that now the oldest Indian medicinal system may use natural medications to prevent or reduce certain tumors. Health reactive numerous herbs are being studied clinically and phytochemically to determine their anti-cancer potential.

While scientists work hard to combat this illness, Ayurveda specialists claim that the Ayurveda classics are cognizant of clinical symptoms matching cancer with names like Apache, Gulma, Granthi, and Arbuda. In a meeting to HT Way of life, Dr Vasudev Vaidya (Ph.D.), Deputy Medical Supervisor at Sushrutha Ayurvedic Hospital, & Doctor Sunitha MP (MD Ayurveda), Division of Dravyaguna Vijnana chose to share, Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medicine system still in use, has been known since very primitive times for using natural drugs to try to prevent or repress a variety of tumors, as the science world has discovered."

According to the 'Charaka' and 'Sushruta Samhitas,' cancer is defined as an aggressive or non-inflammatory swelling and is referred to as either 'Granthi' (small neoplasm) or 'Arbuda' (large neoplasm) (major neoplasm). The brain (Vata or air), the vascular system (Pitta or fire), and the vascular scheme (Kapha or water) are 3 Ayurvedic fundamentals that are critical for normal body function. In cancerous tumors, all three systems are out of regulation (Tridoshas) and lose collaborative coordination, resulting in tissue damage and critical condition.

Tumor volume is a crucial criterion for determining whether anticancer action is direct or indirect. The in vivo investigation demonstrated that all four herbs had a chemopreventive ability, as evidenced by the modest size of tumor volume on the 28th day following DLA-inoculation in the herb-treated group compared to DLA-CT. Other key factors for determining the usefulness of any anticancer medicine are life-span extension and a drop in WBC count in the plasma (Raj Kapoor, 2004). In decreasing order, TC, ZM, and CL considerably increased survival time. OS did not demonstrate a significant rise in survival time. Other researchers have found that ethanolic OS extract is more efficient when administered intravenously, however, there are inconsistent findings on the efficiency of the various extract on distinct cell varieties (Karthikeyan et al., 1999b).

Antitumors in tumor cells and activation of tumor-associated macrophages are two indirect mechanisms that inhibit tumor development. These benefits should inspire more research into radiation sensitizing potential so that radiation dosage can be lowered while tumor cells are killed more effectively and with fewer side effects on healthy cells due to the beneficial role of these herbs upon normal cells. It is vital to remember that, while 5-FU has radiosensitizing properties, it has no protective activity for normal cells and has hazardous adverse consequences (Chabner, 2006). CL, OS, TC, and ZM all exhibit cytotoxic action against DLA cell lines as well as chemopreventive potential against DLA-induced tumors in Swiss albino mice. Body revival is an Ayurveda-based product that helps to cure cancer. TC has the highest effectiveness, followed by Diverse profiles on hematological parameters for ZM, CL, and OS would imply a spectrum of activity by various drugs, and research of making it known on IC50 of each molecule may show modulatory effects. Because these herbs have a high safety record based on negative toxicological investigations, they may be an attractive choice for a prospective study of various human cancer cells and cancer patients.

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