Cure All Type Of Headache Naturally Fast With Ayurveda

 19 Apr 2021  1447

Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of healing, is based on the three doshas or body types known as Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Ayurveda teaches that if one or more of the doshas in the body are out of balance, they cause various aliments and headache is also the reason for same.

Generally traditional medicine focus on pain relief, but the main objective of Ayurvedic diagnosis is to find the root cause and eliminate through adjustments in lifestyle or diet and keeping the doshas in balance. This type of integrated approach can help a person suffering headaches to understand the factors involved, to prevent further headaches. Ayurveda also offers many natural options for pain relief treatment of existing headache.

According to Ayurveda, Headache is known as ‘Shiro Roga’ literally means “head disease.” As per Ayurveda text, headache is not a single type of disorder, but it is defined to several problems with the head. There are about11 types of headache mention in Ayurveda. They can be caused by a number of different causes.

11 Types Of Shiroroga (Headache)in Ayurveda

  1. Vattik Shiroroga
  2. Paittik Shiroroga
  3. Kaphaj Shiroroga
  4. Tridoshaj Shiroroga
  5. Rakataj Shiroroga
  6. Kshayaj Shiroroga
  7. Suryavarta Shiroroga
  8. Anantvaat Shiroroga
  9. Krimij Shiroroga
  10. Ardhavbhedak Shiroroga
  11. Shankhaj Shiroroga

Apart from these, there are many other factors, such as fever, metabolic disorders and diseases of the eyes, ears and nose which can cause headaches, sinus headaches, cluster, trauma, encephalitis, brain abscess, migraine, hypertension, cerebral hemorrhage, vasodilator drugs, alcohol hangover, tension, migraine in any of these, and can effectively cure by Ayurveda System.

Type Of Shiroroga (Headache) According To Doshas

Although pain is predominantly it due to the disorder of dosha (vata, pitta, and kapha) below are the Doshas defects that can cause headaches.

  1. Headache due to Vata: This type of Pain is hammering and may be associated with constipation; insomnia and depression; mainly these pains are increased with mental strain.

  1. Headache due to Pitta: This type of pain is generally felt on the side’s temporal region of the head. It is accompanied by a burning sensation and related to photophobia (the patient is afraid of the light).

  1. Headache due to kapha: This type of pain occurs due to nasal congestion most commonly creating a lot of pressure within the sinus cavities. Leave an aching sensation on the face and head and often aggravated by allergy season.

Treatment Of Shiroroga (Headache) According To Doshas

Since there are many different types of headaches, there are different treatments for them in Ayurveda. Ayurveda treat all headaches according to doshas following are the different treatments prescribed for each doshas.

  1. Headache due to Vata: If the headache is vata type then Triphala choorna is first prescribed so that it clear the digestive system. Then rasa Shirashooladivajra or rasa Mahavata Vidhwansana should be taken twice daily in doses of 125 milligrams in warm water.

  1. Headache due to Pitta:If the headache is pitta type then amalaki is prescribed or Triphala that contains amalaki can be taken. Half of a gram of Shatavari can also be taken twice daily for one month

  1. Headache due to kapha: If the headache is kapha type then anu taila is first applied to cleanse the nasal passages. Then rasa Gajakesari Shoola drugs can be taken in doses of 125 mg three times or four times a day.

Useful Herbs for Treatment Of Headache

1.Piper betel (???/Betel): Betel leaves are analgesic and cooling in nature. When the Paste of betel is applied at the center of the head, it can get you immediate relief.

2.Lawsonia inermis (????/henna): Henna flowers have the power to reduce headaches if they are precipitated by excessive heat. The flower of henna is applied externally on the head with vinegar to get the desired results.

3.Ammi Trachyspermum(??????/Ajwain): Bishop’s weed can keep your severe headaches run away quickly. It is the most powerful remedy in headaches that happen due to migraine. The fumes of weed seeds are used for treatment of headaches; fumes are inhaled directly.

4.Zingiber officinale (????/Ginger): Ginger has analgesic properties; it is used as an external application on the affected region of the head it provides relief from headache.

5.Syzygium aromaticum (????/Cloves): The aroma of this spice alleviate the headache. It can as well soothe the nerves system and bring it back to a pacified state.

6.Allium sativum(?????/Garlic): Garlic has miraculous properties in relieving any kind of headaches. Its juice slowly permeates the head region and acts as a pain reliever.

Dietary Treatments for Headache

Sweet and soft flavor’s foods are best for easing headaches than other tastes. When there is a headache, consuming a sweet preparation or a little sugar can give relief.Milk and ghee are also beneficial in headaches, mostly the milk from a cow must be warmed and consume when there is a headache.

Rice is also preferred as it has carbohydrate that is helpful to easing headache. The water that is left after cooking rice should be taken when it is hot, with a little butter added to it is as well beneficial. It is advise not to consume spicy or fried foods when there is a headache.

Home Remedies for Headache

1.A suspension can be prepared with milk, salt crystals and clove. As the main ingredient in this suspension is salt that is hygroscopic it absorbs the fluid in the head and reduces headache.

2.Soak some almonds in water for overnight next morning ground into a paste and heat gently in ghee. Then mix it with water and drink it will help to treat headaches that have been going on for a long time.

3.If the headaches caused are due to excess gas in the stomach you drink a glass of warm water with fresh lemon squeezed in it the headache will erase as well as the gas problem.

4.If the headaches are caused due to common colds drinking a decoction made from coriander and sugar will helps to calm down the headache.

5.Use of garlic is also very beneficial, take a peel a clove of garlic. Put it in your mouth and chew it lightly no sooner the juices spread in the mouth you will find the headache disappears.


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