Natural Immunity Boosters for Absolute Health and Wellbeing

 08 Mar 2021  1460

Just like counties have Armies to defend themselves, the human body had immunity to defend itself from various microbes viruses and bacteria. That cause disease once they enter the human body. Even though the immune cells of our body are quite evolved, sometimes the immune system is unable to combat the foreign microbe that has attacked the body, making you sick. Now, what if we could boost our immune system and improve its response, well below are some readily available natural ingredients that improve your immune system

1. Turmeric
Turmeric is known for its antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. The active ingredient Curcumin is responsible for the healing properties of turmeric.  Freshly ground turmeric is comparatively more beneficial & effective than the packed turmeric which may be adulterated. Cooking it in various seed oils enhances its bioavailability. To maximize its benefit, have it with Basil and pepper

2. Black pepper
The piperine in black pepper improves production of T-cells that help fight infections. It also helps in lung detoxification. Black pepper helps in the initial stages of phagocytosis (where cells engulf bacteria, which in turn helps strengthen immunity) and is anti-inflammatory in nature.

It improves the absorption of beta carotene and curcumin, these compounds help heal the body and keep it healthy. Hence it can be combined with turmeric & Vitamin A rich foods, such as a carrot salad.

3. Cinnamon
This everyday spice is wonderful for health as it regulates the blood sugar, prevents blood platelet clumping, and also is anti-inflammatory. Cinnamon stimulates the immune system in response to fight infection and cold. Plus it’s loaded with antioxidants.

4. Ginger
Ginger has an active compound called gingerol which does wonders to the body.  Fresh ginger stabilizes the gut bacteria thereby maintaining the health of the digestive tract. Dried ginger detoxifies the lung and the body. For better immunity, combine ginger and lime to make a healthy and refreshing juice.

5. Fenugreek
Fenugreek contains active ingredients like flavonoids, alkaloids and coumarin. These ingredients are antioxidant and have antiviral properties, which reduce inflammation, lower cholesterol and blood sugar.  It is well known that fermented foods enhance the health of your good gut bacteria by feeding them and Fenugreek is used in fermented foods like idli and dosa. Sprouted fenugreek is loaded with antioxidants and when consumed on an empty stomach, its absorption is maximum.

So to boost your immunity, these foods are recommended by Ayurveda, a natural science of life and food from India. Ayurvedic remedies are renowned and not harmful for the body. It is an advance science and has gone as far too even find ayurvedic treatment for cancer, one of the most deadliest terminal disease.

Hence add these foods to your diet and charge up your immunity.

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