Tips for boosting immunity through food, from Ayurveda!

 07 Nov 2019  1517

When you need to be healthy, it is now time to think about boosting your immunity. Do you know that when you follow the right food habits, it is possible to maintain good health even without visiting the doctors? Yes! The only thing that you need to do is consuming the right food at the right time. Continue reading if you are looking to have Immunity Booster in Ayurveda and sound food habits.

Cook food with the immune-boosting spices

Make sure you cook food without disturbing the natural essence and you add the right ingredients. For example, when you are adding mild species, to the vegetables, legumes, and grains, it will be better for the food to convert to the Ojas easily. As a result, it motivates digestion. Some simple ingredients that you need to add are turmeric, black pepper, cumin, etc.

Take foods at the right time

When the sun is at the highest, the digestion will be strong. Remember this and make your meal in the middle of the day. Make your breakfast and dinner to be light at the regular intervals and this also an important factor to enhance immunity. Also, have your meal at the same time every day and it helps in proper and routine digestion.

Make the right quantity of food

The food that you consume should be appropriate for your body. It should not be too much or little. When you are consuming the meal, sip a cup of Luke warm water and it will help in breaking your meals with liquid. Also, you will eat only 3/4th of your capacity. This will also make your comfort and continue to work after lunch.

Make the right selection of the food

The food that you consume should be selected based on your health condition and the season. Choose the food that will be balanced for your body and this will help in balancing the immunity system. For example, avoid cold salads in the winter because it will increase cold, light qualities of Vata, dry, which is not advisable for god health.

Final thoughts

When you are at the initial stage of the lack of immunity, it is enough to adjust the food habits to bring them balanced. In case if you are affected by them you need to look for the Ayurvedic specialist. Apart from this, there are also so many other solutions that could be easily obtained with the Ayurveda. For example, when it is cancer, diabetics or asthama in Ayurveda, it is possible. Make sure you make the right decision and enjoy well being.

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