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Monsoon brings greenery, pleasant surrounding and soothing temperature with it. Every living being loves the rainy season including viruses and bacteria. Getting drenched in the rain or playing in the puddles seems to be fun. However, it leads to health concerns sometimes.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of certain things which one should consider during the rainy season. Follow these tips and take the best care of your health.


1. Maintain your hygiene

Personal hygiene will ensure that you are clean and free of diseases and illness to a great extent.


2. Eat green and vitamin-C rich food

This will protect you from viral infections by increasing your immunity. Sprouts, oranges and green vegetables can be excellent.


3. Wear wash and ironed clothes

Your clothes do not get ample sunlight during monsoon. Therefore, ironing them is the best alternative.


4. Use disinfectant while bathing

Using a disinfectant will prevent you from getting infected from disease-causing bacteria and viruses and keep you fresh.


5. Do not touch your face often

Your face is the entry point of viruses into the body. Don’t touch your face often.


6. Wash your fruits and vegetables

There are dirt and chemical over them. Always wash them before you eat or cook.


7. Exercise regularly

Exercising will help you lose weight or stay in shape alongside boosting immunity and improving blood circulation.


8. Get a good night sleep

Approximately 7 hours of sleep can increase immunity and help you avoid flu and the common cold.


9. Look for any stagnant water

Stagnant water is the breeding place of mosquitoes which causes a lot of severe diseases.


10. Keep your hands and nails clean

There can be a lot of germs and dirt in your hands and nails which causes viruses to go in.


11. Wear a mask

Always wear a mask when you go outside or to any public places to keep yourself safe.


12. Avoid wet clothes and shoes

This will help you prevent illness and infections from the temperature and atmospheric conditions of the monsoon season.


13. Avoid entering into air-conditioned rooms when wet

Entering into an air-conditioned room drenched or wet can cause a server case of cold or illness.


14. Stay away from sick or ill people

Disease-causing bacteria and viruses can spread very fast during the monsoon season. Therefore, stay away from sick people.
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