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Taking long drives and eating on the side of the streets along the way sounds to be something fun and memorable. Not only street food, eating habits at home during the rainy season can be unhealthy too. The ideas of pakodas, teas and other snacks are exciting but not from your health point of view.

Monsoon brings along with it bacteria and viruses. They have the perfect conditions to thrive and spread. Therefore, it is important to stay healthy and boost your immunity during monsoon. Follow these healthy eating tips given below.


1. Maintain a distance from street food

You might miss eating street-side Chaat, Pani Puri, bhelpuri etc. However, it is for good of your health. They can be contaminated or made in unhealthy conditions. This might make you fall sick.


2. Eat more drying foods

You should avoid food such as watermelon, cucumber, tomato, muskmelon etc which have high water content. They can cause swelling in the body. Instead, eat drying foods such as corn, potato, oats, chickpea etc.


3. Seasonal fruits are excellent

Seasonal fruits of monsoon such as cranberries, peaches, pears, dragon fruit etc have the best nutrition one might need during monsoon. They are rich in fibre and have low-water content.


4. Anti-inflammatory food to boost your immunity

They will help you in boosting your immunity and fight the oxidative decay. Include anti-inflammatory food such as green leafy vegetables, turmeric, walnut, berries, coconut oil etc in your diet.


5. Avoid spicy food

Eating oily and spicy food is not good for your stomach in the rainy season. They make you prone to skin allergies and gastrointestinal problems.


6. Regulate your consumption of dairy items

Excess intake of dairy items can make you prey to water-borne diseases. Milk can affect your health with the fluctuating temperature of the season. It can lead to thyroid or gas problems as well.


7. Boiled water is very important

Rainy season provides the viruses and bacteria pleasant and favourable conditions to grow and spread. They are mostly present in and spread through water. Therefore, always boil water or use a good water purifier.


8. Herbal tea and drinks can help
Sipping on tea or drinks is something that everyone adores during the rainy season. Instead, drink some herbal drinks or herbal tea to help your health and immune system alongside.

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