10 Cool Foods to Fight Off the Summer Heatwave

 07 Mar 2020  1479

Summers are on the head, and we need to be prepared in every way to fight off the extreme heat. Heat can be very uncomfortable and sometimes unbearable in tropical countries like India. One needs to be prepared to face the heat and combat its effects efficiently.


While wearing light clothes, staying under a fan or other cooling agents and staying away from the sun are the conventional methods, several food condiments can also soothe your internal system in the scorching heat. Drinking lots of water and having several drinks is another great option, but several food items help in providing some relief. Here is the list of some of the best and cool food items to overcome the summers conveniently: -


Watermelons are juicy and tasty fruits that can quench your thirst and provide you with some relaxation from the heat. This also keeps your body hydrated.


Who doesn't love a refreshing and sweet ice- cream on a hot summer day? Enjoy a lovely cool treat to cool down your system!


Yogurt contains some good bacteria and also provides some amazing health benefits. Consume it daily to fight off the summer heatwave.


Watery food items like cucumbers are beneficial in keeping one hydrated and full in summers.


Leafy vegetables
Leafy greens can help in providing you with the necessary nutrients.


Onions provide cooling properties too. In several parts of the world, especially in hot places, drinks are made using onion seeds as they offer a cooling effect.


Coconut is a fantastic food item. They are tasty and contain very beneficial coconut water as well. The coconut water is full of essential minerals and vitamins. It also has specific anti-cancerous properties.


Along with providing a fresh breath, mint also has cooling properties. This herb is very affordable and can be readily available in the market. A mint chutney, mint-flavored drink or even a mint ice- cream can cool down your system efficiently!


These citrus and sour fruits can enhance the taste of any food item in which they are introduced. A glass of lemon water in the morning also helps to intoxicate your body and promote a healthy lifestyle. You can make and consume sweet lime virgin mojito daily, and your summer will pass in a breeze!


The majority composition of this condiment is water as it is made of 95% water. It also contains essential vitamins and minerals like potassium, iron, sodium, zinc, etc. that will keep your health on the check.


Hope with these food items, you have a great summer.

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