4 Ways to Decrease the Addiction of Smoking and Drinking in Practical Ways

 09 Feb 2021  1414

Nowadays, smoking and drinking have become a new trend. We can see people drinking and smoking everywhere, be it restaurants, parties, or clubs. Keeping the trend aside, both drinking and smoking is injurious to health.


There are several quick and realistic approaches to quickly and practically eliminate addiction to smoking and alcohol.

1.When you crave a smoke, have chewing gum.

Keep some good quality chewing gums handy with yourself wherever you go. Whenever you feel like having a smoke, unwrap the gum and start chewing it. According to the latest study, chewing gum or nicotine gum is very useful to get rid of smoking problems.


2. Keep your body hydrated

When you suddenly quit smoking, your body undergoes a certain change. It will feel as if it needs the smoke back. During this time, keep yourself hydrated well as you may feel uncomfortable sometimes. Drinking water keeps your energy level boosted.


3. Eat more

There are many people for whom theocratic for alcohol decreases when they have their stomach full. Replace your bottle of alcohol with fruit drinks and other soft drinks to keep your health good.


4. Saying NO is not a bad thing

Your school friends and colleagues may force you to have a smoke or a drink  but politely to say NO is not a bad option. No one can force you if you are real to yourself. Be polite and stick to your decision and start to take alcohol or cigarette from the school days.



So these were some of the tips which will help you cut down on alcohol and smoking. Quitting these addictive things may be challenging initially, but once you stick to your decision, there is no going back.

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