6 amazing health benefits of Ramadan

 16 Jul 2019  1234

Millions of people around the world are observing fasting during the holy month of Ramadan over thousand years but few of them are fearing that such a long period of fasting will derail their health.  The main intention of Muslims observing fasting is to develop self-control and to bring more self-discipline to their regular life.  They think that it will develop consciousness in almighty and purify the body and soul. If you are one of those worriers who fears about fasting during Ramadan here is a list of 6 amazing health benefits of Ramadan fasting that will motivates you to begin fasting:

Fasting will detox your body:

One of the best ways to detox your body is to indulge in fasting. It will help your cells to remove the waste particles from your body and new cells and membranes will grow in your body. Your digestive system will get more detox throughout the month which will enhance the performance of your digestive system after Ramadan. When you are eating continuously your body will never get the chance to burn away the stored fats in your body but during fasting, it will through away the harmful toxins present in your body.

Increase in metabolism:

During fasting, you will not be able to eat throughout the day so your body metabolism becomes more efficient which means your body can able to absorb more nutrients from your food.  This mainly happens due to the increase in the hormone called adiponectin which will be produced due to the combination of fasting and eating late at night.  This will provide more health benefits to all parts of the body and serves as the major medical benefit of fasting.

Appetite reduction:

This is one of the amazing health benefits of prolonged fasting the reduction in consumption of food for a long period of time will result in gradual shrinking of your stomach which means you will feel full even though you eat less amount of food. Hence you will tend to lose more weight which is one of the major advantages of Ramadan fasting.  As you all know weight reduction will bring you numerous health benefits to your body.

Prevent you from lifestyle diseases:

Have you ever wondered is Ramadan fasting healthy? Yes, it is healthier when it comes to preventing your body from lifestyle diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, and other heart diseases. Fasting will help you to develop insulin resistance and burn more fat from your body which ultimately prevents you from these kinds of lifestyle diseases. Another psychological benefits of fasting Ramadan is you can able to bear the pain of starvation which helps you to withstand from any kinds of pains in the future and you will become a mentally strong person.

Lowers cholesterol:

Any kinds of fasting will result in positive impacts of lipid profile and hence you tend to lower your cholesterol levels which will ultimately help to prevent you from potential heart attacks in the future.  A healthy diet of Ramadan will help you to lower cholesterol and improves your cardiovascular health. Hence this is one of the major advantages of Ramadan fasting.


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