7 Tips of Natural Therapy for Asthma

 15 Jan 2021  1567

Asthma is one of the most acknowledged respiratory diseases. It is a state in which the pathways of air narrows and the sack are swollen leading to the production of more mucus. This results in the blockage of a normal breathing pattern.

According to the static of the Central for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1 in every 13 people has Asthma issues. Some may find it minor and light, while few have to depend upon the inhaler pump when they are short of breath. Major symptoms of Asthma are coughing (dry) or wheezing. We must not neglect the disturbance in between our healthy breathing patterns.

There are several types of Asthma disease. Be it acute/ intermediate/ long; it needs to be taken care of.

Below listed are the few types of Natural Asthma therapy:

  1. Dietary Chart: A healthy chart helps in keeping the regular flow of natural antioxidants which kills baseless molecules. It can be done by adding Vitamin C and other rich fiber foods to the chart.


  1. Buteyko Breathing Technique: This is one of the infamous techniques where the breathing pattern of inhaling and exhaling has to go slowly. Also, the exhalation must be done through the nose only, and no mouth. It lowers the chances of infectious respiratory diseases. The experts have to say that, this technique BBT, increases the carbon dioxide level too.


  1. Garlic: The use of garlic is always in much anti-inflammatory disease. And Asthma is considered one of the inflammatory diseases. Garlic has many health benefits.


  1. Caffeine: Tea and Coffee are the much-suggested remedies, as the content of caffeine is there, and it is a bronchodilator for airways up-hale.


  1. Herbs: Boswellia (Indian Frankincense), dry ivy, black seeds are a few of the easily available natural herbs to reduce inflammation.


  1. Papworth: This method charges the nose inhalation followed by the diaphragm, drawing, and focusing on a series of patterns. But a prior exercise learning is needed for the same.


  1. Other small Area: Sound sleep / Active and Fit physically / No smoking / Meditate, etc.
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