8 Tips to Keep Your Kidney Healthy Forever

 05 Sep 2019  1547

The kidney is that organ of the human body which collects the wastage of the entire body in fluid form and disposes of it through urine. These unwanted fluids must be excreted regularly. For proper functioning of the kidney, one must drink plenty of water per day. Our kidney is only the organ from where the exposition of faulty bacterial/ influenza molecules exits.

But the problem of the kidney is very serious. And this can be observed when urinal flow shortens. Sometimes, we also notice the yellowish urine excretion because of the lack of water in it. Failure of the kidney is the biggest danger to human survival. Acute symptoms can be seen in ankles and feet getting swollen and itching urges in the internal parts.

Follow the below 8 steps to keep your kidney naturally healthy

  1. Always stay fit. Go for a daily morning walk/ jogging.
  2. Keep monitoring your blood pressure level frequently.
  3. When you feel the need to excrete the urine, use the washroom at the same time. Do not wait for the gallbladder to pump you the urge to go.
  4. Always meditate and focus on your breathing patterns. The longer you inhale and exhale; the more beneficial it will be to your respiratory system.
  5. An average human must drink 4liters of water/ any fluid, i.e. soft drinks, etc. every day.
  6. You can have a cheat meal day in a week for sweets and desserts. But do check on your sugar level.
  7. A diabetic patient is more prone to kidney failure and their entire body shrinks. They must use sugar-free/ no sugar at all in their tea/ coffee.
  8. Cranberries/ Apple/ pomegranate –these juices help to balance and circulate the blood in the body.
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