Stomach cancer – symptoms, causes & Treatment in Hindi

 23 Mar 2022  1242

With the evolution of medical sciences, diseases and their growth rate has also evolved greatly with time. When humans had limited knowledge of diseases, the amount of disease spread was also limited. The advancement in medicinal sciences has opened gates to a better lifestyle along with the risk factors associated with new diseases. A few of these diseases are still under research to study the root cause although, there is still no success. Cancer is one disease whose root cause is still unknown. The underlying guide highlights the different aspects of Stomach cancer symptoms in Hindi and their treatment. 

What is Stomach Cancer? Detailed Understanding

Cancer is a condition when the body cells start mutating and grow uncountably. These mutant cells start affecting the natural body functions by altering the functions and working of healthy body cells. These mutant cells start spreading all across the body through the bloodstream infecting other tissues and organs. It further increases the risk and threat to the body and the life of the individual.

Stomach cancer or cancer gaddalu is characterized as a mutation in the cells within the stomach lining. It is one of the rare cancer conditions observed, although it is quite difficult to diagnose. The symptoms of this cancer are not seen in the early stages making it difficult to diagnose. It is often undiagnosed until it spreads to other body organs or tissues.

Symptoms of Stomach Cancer

In stomach cancer, there are no early signs or symptoms observed in the individual. The cancerous cells start spreading the infection in other tissues and organs taking the stomach cancer to an advanced stage and this is where it is diagnosed or detected. The advanced stage symptoms of stomach cancer are

  • Stomach pain, and gets worse after meals.
  • Jaundice is a condition where eyes and skin turn to pale yellow.
  • Early satiety and loss of appetite. The patient feels full after eating a small amount of food.
  • Continual fatigue and weakness.
  • Constant bloating and bloody stools, the condition might get worse with time.
  • Nausea and vomiting are other common symptoms along with frequent heat burn.

Different Causes of Stomach Cancer

Stomach cancer occurs when the healthy cells of the stomach start mutating and grow uncountably. These cells grow out of control and form a tumor. The process is slow and can take years to develop. Although, there are some risk factors associated with stomach cancer which can be listed below.

  • A lymphoma is a group of blood cancer.
  • H. Pyroli bacterial infections that form stomach ulcers.
  • Tumors or cancer in other parts of the digestive system.
  • Stomach polyps are the growth of tissue on the lining of the stomach.
  • Other factors that raise the risk of stomach cancer are smoking, drinking, or family history of the disease.
  • Personal medical history can also result in high risks of stomach cancer. Eating processed foods, no exercise, improper food storage, alcohol abuse, excess meat in the diet, etc.

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Types of Treatments for Stomach Cancer

Numerous cancer treatment methods are available today. The doctor can suggest the patient one or more cancer treatment methods depending on the advancement of cancer. As stomach cancer is difficult to diagnose at an early stage, there are more chances that the patient might need more than one treatment method.

  • Chemotherapy is one of the most widely used methods of treatment of cancer. In this treatment cancer-killing medicines are injected into the body.
  • Radiation therapy is a treatment where high-powered radiations are passed through the body to kill carcinogenic cells.
  • Immunotherapy is another treatment where the immune system of the patient is strengthened to fight the carcinogenic cells
  • Surgery is another treatment where the tumor is removed from the body with the help of surgery.
  • Ayurvedic cancer treatment is another effective treatment in which the patient is delivered with Body Revival treatment to relieve the discomfort caused due to cancer.

On the parting ways

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