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 13 Jan 2017  1774

What is the health challenge that we are facing in the 21st century??? According to Ayurveda it is our aggravated Vata dosha. Aggravated vata dosha has effect on both our mind and body as well. Vata dosha governs flow and motion in the body. Along with vata there are more two types of dosha that is pitta and cough. 

There are 5 ways to deal with these problem which is so natural without any side-effects and everyone must know this.

1. MEDITATE:  you may have heard a lot about meditation before this. But the fact is meditation not only helps us to deal with a single problem but it deals with almost all the problems related to our health, body and mind. Think of it this way: any time spent on your meditation practice is paid back to you ten fold through increased productivity and energy gained. 

2. GET-OUTSIDE:  Today’s world revolves just around electronic gadgets let it be shopping or for playing games. Because people nowadays are becoming home-sick. For living a healthy and a refreshing life we need to spend some time with our beautiful nature. Having few minutes’ walk in the fresh air everyday can make us feel internally happy, relaxed and refreshing which is too good for our health. 

3. YOGA:  Even though if you don’t have time in this busy world but you can still manage at least 30 minutes for your health every day. Its rightly said “YOGA IS A JOURNEY FOR THE SELF, TO THE SELF, THROUGH THE SELF”, And yes it is. Yoga will provide you with the solutions to all your problems. 

4. Give a minimum gap of three hours between dinner and bedtime to avoid health issues related to food reflux.
Do not bathe after eating, as this slows down the digestive system and causes long-term indigestion.

5. We all know that the major problem which we all face in today’s world is the POLLUTION. So to overcome or we can say to take care of ourselves from this pollution Ayurveda suggests us to have three to four leaves of neem at least twice a week. It helps to purify blood & lymphatic tissue. It also keeps our skin free from acne and pimples. 

As it is rightly said, “It’s better to run behind health from the beginning only rather than running behind money and later on wasting that same money on our health”


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