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The hot, long, fatigue summers are here again. In Ayurveda terms, Summer is a Pitta season which means a human’s internal constitutional makeup can be hampered due to sudden seasonal change. This can aggravate the harmony of your body. Ayurvedic experts suggest adding certain superfoods that you should include in your diet to maintain a harmonious and energized body.


Ayurveda aims to make a holistic mind, and body to all those who sincerely abide diet routine. Regular exercise and proper diet play a significant role in keeping a body harmonized during seasonal changes.


Here, we suggest you 10 best summer superfoods that you must incorporate in your diet to feel lite, active and fresh even at a hotter temperature. Ayurveda experts have many good yogic diet suggestions they came up with their in-depth study in the same field.


So, let’s take a look that the list of superfoods you can add to your diet this summer.


Amla is a highly nutritious fruit, rich in Vitamin C and an amazing coolant during the summers. It detoxifies your body and keeps your body calm throughout the day.


Coconut Water
Coconut water in summers works as a potent electrolyte. It rejuvenates the body and keeps it dehydrated all day. The coconut water contains all the essential minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium which is enough to maintain body health.


This water-rich fruit will not let your body dehydrate and will cool your body from extreme heat and warm environment. Berries, grapes are also suggested.


Yogurt is a highly nutritious microflora that keeps your system fine-tuned. This superfood prevents the risk of diarrhea and maintains required PH in your belly.


This salty drink is filled with many therapeutical benefits to keep your digestive system healthy and disease-free.


Tomatoes & Oranges
Citrus fruits are highly rich in Vitamin C, which is important in summers because your body is overexposed to heat. So, eat more Tomatoes, oranges, musk lemons to keep your Vitamin level accurate.


Cucumber is rich in Vitamin A, C, and folic acid which prevents your body and skin from rashes and sunburn marks.


Brown rice
Increase your vitality by eating healthy brown rice during summers and get rid of indigestion.


Cooked oats are a good source of protein. So, fill your body with morning oats every day during summers.


Legumes are filled with fibers and vitamin B. It helps in the production of healthy bacteria while maintaining cholesterol levels.


Your body lacks everything during summers. So, try to consume everything that is mentioned in the list and enjoy your summers.


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