Ayurvedic Health Tips For Pregnant Women

 17 Sep 2021  1538

Ayurvedic Health Tips For Pregnant Women

 Pregnancy is the greatest gift from nature to women. Pregnancy and childbirth have wonderful importance for life as a woman. It is the trust of both men and women both.

Since a woman carries the baby in her womb, most stress is given to her health. So that she develops into capable enough to nourish and give birth to her baby. During this period, a woman requires great care and care from her family members.

Ayurvedic pregnancy conception also advises for a healthy relationship between the couple. When Ayurveda answers the question- how to conceive a baby- it highlights conceiving a baby naturally that is healthy in all aspects like mentally, bodily, emotionally, and spiritually.

Ayurveda meditates on food the first and most important process to achieve good health. Ayurveda advises some set of rules, that are very essential for every pregnant woman. It includes various details related to (ahara) nourishment (vihara) way of living and (vichara) meditation process which women have to obey at the different periods of pregnancy.

Furthermore, the food we eat finally gets converted into ‘Shukra dhatu’ and ‘ojas’ and in revolution plays a significant role in heightening the reproductive capacity of both men and women who is important for pregnancy insemination. Apart from diet, Ayurveda also puts importance on some lifestyle modifications as well as herbs to develop fertility of both men and women in order to obtain pregnancy concept and to conceive a baby naturally.

Nine-Month Pregnancy Tips & Diet Plan

Care through each month of pregnancy (Antenatal Care) is termed as Masanumasiki (month-to-month) Chikitsa (treatment) in Ayurveda. Ayurveda follows the different remedial approaches for the different months of pregnancy.

According to Ayurveda, a distinct dhatu (a body-building substance) is shaped in the different months of pregnancy in the body. Ayurveda also helps in controlling other ailments related to pregnancy; for example – acidity, diabetes, nausea, high blood pressure, edema, or premature birth.

Pregnancy Tips During First, Second and Third Month

Generally, most women undergo Nausea, and Vomiting as a result cannot take proper diet. So in the course during this period it is very essential to pacify the vata dosha in other ways if the vata dosha is not checked, it may cause Miscarriage.

Thus,  licorice must be taken with honey and butter. Similarly, in the second-month milk with several herbs like Kakoli (Gymnema balsamicum ) have to be taken. In this period, one must eat a sweet, light and liquid nourishment this prevents dehydration, which may cause due to immoderate vomiting and provides nourishment too.

Furthermore, One can eat Rice cooked with milk (Paayasam), milk with honey, Khichari, fresh fruits, and green leafy vegetables.

Pregnancy Tips During Forth and Fifth Month

During this period, the muscular tissue from the fetus grows, and so it desires more proteins. During this stage powder of Shatavari ( Aspagarus racemosus ) and Yastimadhu ( glycrriza glabera ), 5gm each if possessed with milk twice daily will help a lot.

Again in this stage, one should eat food, that contains protein-rich diet and edible food like spinach, cabbage, sprouts, white butter ( ghee ), broccoli, fresh cheese, eggs, all kinds of nuts, banana, papaya, carrot, soybean, rice with milk ( paayasam), vegetable soup, etc.

Pregnancy Tips During Sixth Month

By the completion of the second trimester, the majority of the woman undergoes from dropsy of feet and problem related to watering accumulation within the body. Thus for the time of this period Gokshur ( Tribulus Terrestris)is a good diuretic and thus stops retention of water powder, five GMs can be taken with ghee.

Furthermore, powder of Shatavari, Yasti Madhu  and shigru ( moringa oleifera ) has to be boiled with milk and taken. The use of medicated ghee Like Shatavari ghee is also suggested during this period onward. Apart from this, one must carry on with the protein-rich diet as been as suggested. Along with this one can eat sweetened yogurt for the time during this period.

Pregnancy Tips During the Seventh Month

During this period, the women require the food and herbs that smother the Pitta and the Kapha Doshas, which are Diuretic, Anabolic, and ease emaciation. The herbs like Ashwagandha ( Withania Somnifera ), Bala mool ( Sida cardifolia ), Shatavari, Gokshuradi Churan is very helpful during this period.

Furthermore, tablets like Sapthamrit Loha, Dhatri Loha, and yastimadhu are very useful. The diet carries on with the protein-rich diet and foods like cereals, lentils, tofu, peas, fresh cheese, soya, sugar, and rice.

Pregnancy Tips During Eighth Month

During the eighth month, the majority of women suffer constipation, therefore Anulomana that is controlling of Vayu (proper bowel movement) and calming down the vata is also very significant. The Enema treatment during this period is highly beneficial. Firstly, the kshaya Enema (With Decoction of herbs) should be administered followed by Medicated oil enema. (This should be done under the direction of specialist only).

Furthermore, Yasti Madhu and Shatavari have to be consumed regularly. The use of dried grapes is also advantageous for this time. One can eat Kheer (Rice Gruel ) prepared with milk, and some amount of clarified butter may be used along with the diet recommended for the seventh month

Pregnancy Tips During Ninth Month

During this stage calming down the Vata Dosha is remarkably important. In these periods, anuwasan Basti with oils ( medicated oil enema ) and also enema with Shatavari ghee should be provided. Yastimadhu and Shatavari should be eaten regularly.

The use of enema soothes constipation, and also it puts on the sovereign nervous system governing the myometrium. Furthermore, it controls the development of Vayu (gas) in its accurate direction; that comforts the delivery and secures a delivery free from problems.

During this period the extra amount of ghee has to be taken along with the nourishment advised for the seventh and eighth month. Varieties of cereals should be eaten; Regular use of soups is well-advised.

What Foods Should Pregnant Women Avoid Eating

  • Avoid fish, and meat during pregnancy, as it might be harmful to the child. Decrease tea and coffee or totally avoid it as it lowers the weight of the child and leads to several other problems.
  • The pregnant woman must avoid constipation, and therefore, she has to drink more water, as it is as well beneficial to the child developing inside the womb. Drink at least eight glasses of water throughout the day. Drink water before and after meals. Skimmed milk or fruit juice is as well helpful.
  • Fat is effective only when it is prepared from pasteurized milk. The child flourishing inside the womb depends on the food consumption of its mother. Do not consume such foods, that will have an unfavorable effect on the child’s health in order to decrease the intake of carbohydrates. Eat green leafy vegetables and a variety of things during pregnancy to get all types of minerals and vitamins.
  • Different kinds of meat involve bacteria called hysteria, that could be risky to the health for the child growing inside the womb.
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