Ayurvedic Tips To Recognize If There Is A Toxins In The Body?

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Ayurvedic Tips To Recognize If There Is A Toxins In The Body?

There are many external factors that contribute to our body ingesting toxins, which impair the functions of cells to provide energy, when the level of these increases, the body begins to suffer from some disease.Toxins are proteins or lipopolysaccharides that affect the body that assimilates them, all foods contain them, but they increase markedly when some heat source is used for their preparation. Although the body can also ingest them from other sources such as polluted air, in medicines, in the objects you touch daily, solar radiation and even your body can develop them if your emotional state is affected by stress



However, not only direct factors contribute to the development of toxins, other sources indirectly considerably increase in the body, such as smoking, alcoholism, drugs, coffee, fried foods, junk foods and foods that are processed from industrial form, they make them accumulate excessively in your body, which brings serious consequences to your health.

Our body is designed to get rid of these toxins, using a specialized organ that cleanses your body and it is the liver that assimilates these proteins or lipopolysaccharides to convert them into simple water-soluble substances, which that allows its elimination naturally, but some symptoms can be recognized that we are loaded with toxins.

Signs that indicate toxins in the body

Our observation and awareness about our body give us the keys to know how our body is working so that we can perceive the onset of the imbalance and remedy it before it manifests itself as disorganization. It can be found in various ways such as”

Purisha (feces), mutra ( urine) Jihvā (tongue) will give us information as well as our language.

  • If the feces sink, there are toxins in the body.
  • If the urine has a particularly bad smell too.
  • If the tongue has a white overlay, there is said to be toxins.

Urine test: A urine test can help us discern which dosha is affected. It should be the first urine of the day, observe the color, and then put a drop of sesame oil.

It is also said that if the drop spreads immediately, the physical disorder is easy to cure, if the drop is dipped in the middle of the sample, it indicates that the disease is difficult to cure and if it sinks to the bottom, the problem will be very difficult to heal. Below is a chart that will help to find according to your Dosha.Tongue test: The color of the tongue can tell us if the doshas are altered:

The observation of the language provides us with information about the different organs as well as informing us about whether there are toxins in the body.

  • If there are toxins, the tongue will be covered with a whitish layer.
  • If there is sensitivity, discoloration, or discomfort in some areas, the tongue indicates some disorder in the corresponding organ.
  • A dehydrated tongue is a symptom of decreased rasa dhatu, while a pale tongue indicates decreased rakta dhatu.
  • The color of the tongue can tell us if the doshas are altered

General treatment for doshas

The best way to balance doshas is to stabilize the body in different ways, such as the person who is too hot in nature should consume cooling elements to balance them and those who are too cold with hot things. We replace the bodily elements that have decreased and reduced those that have increased. By treating disorders appropriately, with antagonistic measures of the factors that have caused them, it is to restore the patient to normal (Charaka).

Vata: Knowing what the characteristics of Vata dosha are, we understand that the best remedies to balance Vata and restore its balance are with heat and oil, both internally and externally. We also know that the flavors that balance Vata are: salty, sour, and sweet. You will need hot, nutritious and hydrating foods.

  • All kinds of massages are convenient because the emotions of fear, anxiety, the concern of vata must be appeased, producing calm and peace of mind.
  • The best purification treatment is an enema.

Pitta: Pitta generally needs cold and calming her exacerbated emotions. The most important flavor is bitter, sweet, and astringent. You need raw food that refreshes you, as well as being in cool and temperate places that do not overwhelm you, near rivers, forests, fresh grass

  • The massages will be convenient using less oil than in the vata and warm case.
  • The proper purification treatments are usually purging.
  • You can also use meditations, mantras, music to keep your inner fires balanced.

Kapha: Taking into account the characteristics of kapha dosha, we understand that it requires action and activity to balance its tendency of lethargy and passivity.

  • The most important flavor that kapha controls are spicy, then bitter, and astringent. The food should be dry and hot.
  • The massages must be vigorous and do not use oil or very little. Powders are normally used. Hot baths.
  • Very beneficial to carry out some type of exercise.

How purification therapy for Kapha can purgation be used.

Remember: In case of illness, consult your doctor or your trusted health specialist. They may guide you in this situation better.  A personal visit is essential for your correct healing.

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