Blood Cancer: Types, Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment!

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Humans have been facing a wide range of challenges for their existence since time immemorial. Since the evolution of man, the world has been facing different issues that can affect the healthy living of human beings. Although humans have been successful in tackling each of them to date. Whether it be environmental issues or health issues, humans have always been toiling hard to get the precise resolution.

Today, many aspects are affecting the normal life of the human race, and one such issue is Cancer. Besides, Blood Cancer is one of the most highly detected types of cancer found among humans each year. And there is ayurvedic cancer treatment for blood cancer that is quite popular across the world. The underlying guide discusses everything you need to know about Blood Cancer.

Blood Cancer

To understand what is blood cancer let’s first see what cancer is? Cancer is an abnormal condition of cell growth where cells grow abruptly and multiply themselves more and more times. It is often termed as the mutation of the DNA cells of a specific organ or the entire body. The changes that the body witnesses are irreversible and can’t be controlled and thus the risks associated with any type of cancer are high.

Blood cancer which is also called hematologic cancer is a similar mutation caused in the DNA of blood cells. It starts in the bone marrow, a place where blood is produced. The growth of the blood cells increases unexpectedly, interrupts the normal blood cell function, and results in the formation of lumps or cysts. When it comes to blood cancer, it is difficult to diagnose as the blood cancer ke lakshan (Symptoms) are quite common. Besides, different types of blood cancers require different blood cancer ke ilaj (Treatment). Every year about 2 million people are diagnosed with one or the other type of blood cancer.

Types of Blood Cancer

There are three main types of bone marrow cancer or, to be more specific, a blood cancer. These types can be listed and described as under.

  1. Leukemia: It is a type of blood cancer that starts in your bone marrow. The blood is produced in the bone marrow, and leukemia causes your body to make white blood cells. These white blood multiply uncontrollably and have an extended life. These white blood cells are different from normal blood cells and don’t perform the same functions. Normal white blood cells help your body fight infections. Leukemia further has different types and each can be treated at a health reactive cancer center.
  2. Lymphoma: Your Lymph system contains white blood cells called lymphocytes which carry infection-fighting properties. Besides, these lymphocytes help get rid of the waste. Lymphoma is a type of cancer in which the lymphocytes grow uncontrollably altering their natural property to fight infection. Lymphoma is further divided into two types Hodgkin Lymphoma and Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. Hodgkin Lymphoma is categorized by the presence of abnormal lymphocyte called Reed-Sternberg cell. While Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma is cancer that develops in the lymphatic system from the lymphocytes. Ayurvedic cancer treatment for blood cancer can be beneficial in recovering from such conditions.
  3. Myeloma or Multiple Myeloma: Plasma cell, is another type of disease-fighting cell in your blood. In the case of Multiple Myeloma, your plasma cell count increases abruptly in the bone marrow. Further, it resists your body to make enough healthy blood cells which further affects your body functions. Besides, these abrupt increases in the plasma cells release different chemicals n your body that hurt your organs and tissues. The body revival medicine available at ayurvedic cancer centers can help recover this condition.

Blood Cancer Symptoms Or Blood Cancer ke Lakshan

It is quite difficult to diagnose blood cancer or bone marrow cancer through symptoms. Besides, these symptoms are so common that they are often overseen as normal illnesses. The most blood cancer ke lakshan (symptoms) can be stated as below.

  • Fever and chills
  • Content fatigue and weakness even after no work.
  • Loss of appetite and nausea along with vomiting.
  • Unexplained weight loss.
  • Joint pain or weakness in bones.
  • Night sweats and abdominal discomfort.
  • Frequent infection, skin rashes, or itchy skin.
  • Swollen lymph nodes along with lumps or cysts in different parts of the body.
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing.

Besides, depending on the body and other physical aspects, one might witness more symptoms. Although the health reactive cancer center has precise treatment for different types of blood cancer and their systems.

Diagnosis of Blood Cancer

Diagnosis of any type of blood cancer starts with a physical examination or regular health checkups. If any readings alter the normal range, the Scientist Munir Khan might suggest a further diagnosis. Different types of diagnosis include,


In this test, a sample of blood is taken and is examined by the pathologist for the growth of blood cells.

Image Scanning

Different image scanning methods including CT scan, MRI scan, ultrasound, X-ray, etc. are used to detect the effects of carcinogenic cells.

Blood Tests

Numerous types of blood tests can be used for the diagnosis. These tests include Complete blood count, blood smear, blood chemistry, white cell differential, fluorescence in situ hybridization, flow cytometry, immunophenotyping, karyotype test, the polymerase chain reaction, etc.

Bone Marrow Tests

In this test, a small amount of marrow is extracted from the hip bone and is taken for biopsy.

Spinal Tap

The test includes the diagnosis of fluid around the brain and spinal cord which is tested for blood cancer cells. This test is called a lumbar puncture.

Urine Test

In this test, the proteins, blood cells, and other substances are in your urine. Chemicals in the blood can be diagnosed for blood cancer.

Blood Cancer Treatment Or Blood Cancer ke Ilaz

Treatment for blood cancer and bone marrow cancer depends on the type of cancer. It depends on the type of cancer, cancer progression, age, etc. The most popular treatments are listed below

Stem Cell Transplantation

It involves the transplantation of healthy stem cells from the bone marrow, circulating blood, and umbilical cord into the body.


The treatment involves the use of anticancer drugs and their insertion into the body. It involves a combination of several drugs and can result in severe side effects as well.

Radiation Therapy

It is used to destroy cancer cells or relieve pain or discomfort.

Ayurvedic Cancer Treatment

Ayurvedic cancer treatment for blood cancer involves body revival medicine that help recover from the discomfort and pain caused because of cancer.

To sum up

Blood cancer and its relative treatments can be quite complex and thus it’s better to know everything before you proceed. Health reactive cancer center is one of the most renowned cancer care centers in India which provides expert treatment by Munir KhanBody revival medicine available for relief in cancer treatment & its complications are quite effective and reliable.

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