Monsoon Rejuvenation Spa Using Ayurvedic Treatments

 12 Jun 2021  936

Monsoon Rejuvenation Spa Using Ayurvedic Treatments

 Monsoon is considered the best season for Ayurveda rejuvenation programmers as the atmosphere remains dust-free and moist. In monsoon, the pores of the body are open naturally, which make them more sensitive to herbal oils and massages. In addition, during the rains, the herbs and medicinal plants, which are one of the necessary ingredients used in these medicines, are found to grow in abundance. According to Ayurveda, the rainy season is also the time when a pitta decline. Pitta function as the energy of our body prevailing in the fire element, and is initially liable for metabolism and digestion of food.

Digestion is weak during this time and diseases caused by Pitta like indigestion, hyperacidity. Skin disorders and infections like eczema boils; rashes are common for this season. It is the time when the humidity levels within the atmosphere are high. There is also a lack of sunlight (known as Ojas), the necessary fluid. Due to the lack of oxygen from the air, people often complain of breathlessness and weakness.

Why Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Spa Necessary?

According to Ayurvedic text book’s rejuvenation of soul and body is termed as (Rasayana therapy) rejuvenation therapy. The therapy is designed to advance good health and helping with a great deal in increasing the longevity of life. It is capable of curing many diseases, which are otherwise hard to find treatment for it. Rejuvenation treatment improves the energy and the person’s physical and mental capabilities. Three fundamental tridoshas Vatta, pitta and kapha are believed to be the part and package of our basic natural existence. It is believed strongly in Ayurveda therapeutic science than to take pleasure in of well being the three doshas need to be in a balanced state inside the human body.

it is also the reason that ailment crops up due to the inequality (aggravation or decline) in the normal performance of the doshas. The process of seasonable detoxification of the body is requisite to maintain the natural balance of the three doshas.

Essentials Of Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Spa

During the rainy season, there is a substantial loss of energy levels and also decline in the digestive powers. Due to the moist atmosphere and lack of sunlight, the feeling of low and frailty, increased incidence of gastric upsets and skin diseases during this period is very high. Moreover, during the rains, all the three doshas, Vata, pitta, and kapha (define as air, fire, and phlegm) get deformed, more particularly, the vata. These main reasons cause trouble of ailments like joint pains, body stiffness, uneasiness, stomach upsets, nervous anxiety, etc all. As a result, it is needed to be able to control and destroy the aggravation caused by Vatta, that would certainly lead to an imbalance within the body in due course of time.

How does Panchakarma & Rejuvenation work

There are three Doshas in our body, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, which are generally responsible and are necessary to maintain the Body equilibrium, like Health. Any disease or health problem is resulted in by imbalance of these three Doshas. And our day to day factor-like busy, stressful routine, disturbing food habits, lack of sound sleep, etc. is some of the reasons, which cause of these imbalanced Doshas.

With the Oral medications, we can only get rid of the diseases of the preliminary stage, but for advanced stages & Chronic ailments. It should be looked beyond the oral medications, as the deep-held unbalanced Doshas begin to toxify the body and are hard to treat. Panchakarma is the only process to Detoxifies the body and brings back the balance of Doshas without any side effects. Each method in the Panchakarma detoxification Procedure has its significance and specific timing for it to be done for healthy people.

However, for the person having the disease, there are no specific restrictions as a disease condition itself is suggestive of the Panchakarma necessity by the sick Body & Mind. When the body is undergoing natural detoxification, it is recommended that there is a constraint on actions like taking up strong exercise programmed or going out in the sun, as these would increase the sweat production in your body causing the skin channels to obstruct. Sleeping in the daytime and drinking river water or sattu mixed in water is moreover, prohibited.

Rejuvenation Diet Program For Monsoon

In the monsoon, there is the natural aggravation of air in the body systems that need to be propitiated and to bring back into balance, a special diet regime would be supportive.

  • For this resolution, having more of light and easily digestible foods, cooked or steamed vegetables, zucchini, squash, pumpkin, steamed salad, fruits, moong dal, khichdi, corn, chickpea flour, and oatmeal, etc. are suggested.
  • Intake of ghee, olive oil, corn oil and sunflower oil for cooking is recommended as they are lighter. Avoid heavy oils like mustard oil, butter, peanut oil, and other heavy and heating oils. It is recommended to take plenty of garlic and ginger in your food preparations.
  • Natural anti-oxidants herbs like ginger, cinnamon, and holy basil may be taken as morning tea for decoction. These herbs can also be mixed with honey. Honey is an additional boon in this seasonal cleansing. It may be taken daily with mixed in a glassful of boiled and self-cooled water.
  • The day to day diet consumption needs to be more of freshly cooked and easily digestible foods that help in lowering the aggravated air humor and also carry on the digestive power up. It is found that dry and rough food items tend to worsen the vata and need to be generally avoided.
  • During the detoxification in monsoon waters and liquid’s intake needs to be increased. This would help in flushing out toxins from the body and also aids to cope with the excessive sweat produced in this season and to stay clear of dehydration.

Lifestyle For Monsoon 

  • As a rainy season regime, Ayurveda suggests an application of pastes prepared by rubbing sandalwood on mortar will keep your skin soft and flexible as well as sweet-smelling this also benefits to keep away bad odor due to increased sweat during the moist climate.
  • Ayurveda advises scrubbing of the skin using body massage paste prepared by mixing powders of turmeric and besan in water or raw milk once or twice a week. This would efficiently quicken the skin channels and detoxify the body.
  • Scrubbing of the skin agreeably after daily bath is advised during rains to help release driven in toxins via the pores of the skin. Furthermore, this would avoid the collection of infection-causing germs and micro-organisms.

Precautions Required During Monsoon

In the rainy season, there is in generally increased sweat, which tends to block the toxins inside the body channels. This might prevent the detoxification process. For this resolve, proper hygiene has to be maintained.

A routine change of underclothes is a must, and it is suggested to wear clean and comfortable cotton wool clothes. Synthetic clothes are a strict no-no for this humid season, especially while undergoing the operation of detoxification.

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