Diabetes can be the reason behind other organ diseases

 02 Mar 2023  1105

Diabetes can be the reason behind other organ diseases

Diabetes can be the reason behind other organ diseases

Various organs in our body can be damaged by diabetes. It frequently co-occurs with a variety of problems known as comorbidities, which can become very problematic when the condition is not controlled effectively. To avoid such issues, people having different types of diabetes must find a better treatment plan.

Organs that can get affected by diabetes


This biological system contains blood veins , which give required nutrients to your tissues and organs. Additionally, waste materials are removed through your veins. The most known type of illness is coronary artery disease. It happens because a cholesterol film usually buils up in the walls of the heart. Diabetes can alter your platelets, which are the cells that assist blood deposition, which contribute to danger of heart disease. Diabetes can also lead to the formation of blood clots that can easily break off and impede blood flow.

Over time, diabetes can impair the blood vessels. As you age, your chance of acquiring heart disease rises.


The small veins of the blood in the human body are under the influence of diabetes. When the veins that are present in the kidneys are injured, your kidneys are not n the capacity to cleanse your blood properly . Your body will not be able to remove all salt and water than is usuall, which might result in increase in weight and ankle inflammation.. Furthermore, waste materials will start to get deposited in your blood.

Diabetes may create lot of influence to the nerves in your body. As a result, your bladder can find it difficult to empty. Your kidneys may become damaged by pressure from a full bladder. Additionally, bacteria in wastewater that has an excessive quantity of sugar can quickly proliferate if pee is allowed to sit in your urine for an extended period, which might result in an illness.


This widespread eye ailment is the most common reason for vision loss in people of working age. Diabetic retinopathy is a disease which is caused due to rupture of the blood veins in the retina by high blood sugar. Ruptured blood vessels can be the cause eyesight blur. Usually new blood vessels can grow but they aren't usually healthy and may contribute to more pre-existing vision problems. Diabetes retinopathy frequently affects both eyes.

Hair loss

Diabetes may have the following impacts on the hair development cycle, which can lead to hair loss and thinning in certain people:

decrease in hair growth

causing hair to grow more quickly than usual

preventing new hair from sprouting

high amounts of blood sugar

If a person's diabetes is poorly managed or controlled, their blood sugar levels might become abnormally high. Consistently high blood sugar levels can injure the body's tissues.

Blood artery injury can impede blood flow, depriving some cells of the oxygen and nourishment they need. This shortfall may negatively impact the normal hair follicle growth cycle, which might lead to hair loss.

You need to be very cautious about you health and maintaining a healthy life is the need of the hour. So eat healthy and enjoy your life to the fullest.



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