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 14 Mar 2017  1497

Now-a-days suffering from digestion problems like bloating, gas, and stomach discomfort, occasional heartburn, constipation, and fatigue after a meal is a very common problem. These discomforts and digestion issues can be due to our lifestyle and eating habits. To simply avoid such symptoms, one will have to change its eating habits.

Avoid Multitasking Meals
You should be never performing any other task while eating your lunch or dinner. There have been instances where people have their meals while driving through the traffic or grabbing bites while working at the desk. Make this your habit to get proper time and place for your meal. Also, ensure to be seated while having your meal.

Enjoy The Act Of Eating
According to Ayurveda, the process of eating is essential for the growth of consciousness as well as the physical health. 

Stimulate The Digestive Fire
Boost your digestive system by stimulating the Agni, or the digestive fire, before you are eating. Ayurveda suggests having a small piece of fresh ginger with a few drops of lemon juice along with a pinch of salt before a meal. The digestive fire should be equally balanced so that we can digest our food smoothly and efficiently.

Avoid Cold Drinks And Foods
You should avoid having cold drinks or juices as it can extinguish the digestive fire. Consume juices and water, which is stored at the room temperature and served without ice.

Eat Meals Aligned With Nature’s Rhythm
It is the best way to improve digestion by eating food on time daily. The Sun is at its strongest, between 12 to 2 p.m. in the day and this is when the digestive fire also gets stronger. The dinner should be comparatively lighter than your lunch, and it should be eaten before 8 p.m. However, eat during these hours for a better digestion. 

Have Yogurt for Digestion
Indulge yourself in having Yoghurt or drinking a freshly prepared Lassi after the meal. Yogurt is one of the best solutions and helps in improving digestive health.

Triphala for Digestion
Try Triphala for a better digestion as it is made of powerful formulae that combines 3 herbs called Bibhitaki, Amalaki, and Haritaki. These herbs do wonders in detoxifying the colon and boosting gentle elimination of toxins. Take 1-3 tablets (or equivalent spoons of powder) with water, an hour before bedtime.


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