Top 12 Health Benefits Of Drinking Water In Copper Vessel

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We all might have heard or seen that our great grandparents used to drink water stored in a copper vessel, even today older people follow this tradition.

We, modern people, do not generally believe in their tradition and believe it to be useless. Now the time has come to explore scientific reasons behind all tradition and get the most benefit from it. Now the scientist has also proved that copper is an essential mineral that is vital to the health of all living things like humans, animals, plants, and all microorganisms.In humans, copper is an essential element needed for the proper functioning of organs and metabolic processes. However, we need the trace amount that is about (i.e. 1.2mg/day). It is also true that our body does not synthesize copper so it needed to be supplied in the form of dietary sources such as honey, whole wheat, beans, green leafy vegetables, etc

Ayurvedic View on Copper Health

Since ancient medical time, Ayurveda has recommended the benefits of drinking water from a copper vessel. In the Ayurveda text, it has stated that when water stored in a copper vessel overnight and consumed in the morning it has the ability to balance all the three doshas (Vata, Kapha, and pitta) in your body.

The water stored in the copper vessel was also termed as “Tamra Jal” but it is necessary that water kept in the copper vessel should be at least 8 hours or more under clean and hygienic conditions.

In scientific terms, it is an “Oligodynamic process” the process of dissolving copper in water and making it more an electrolytic. In Ayurveda, it has also been used for controlling the aging process term as “Vaya-sthapak”.

The copper has been of great importance, it has been used to cure various diseases and used in a form of bhasma means “ashes”.

Benefits of Drinking Water in Copper Pot

There are many benefits of drinking water but you must make sure that the vessel is pure copper and does not contain other metals.

It is generally found that vessels sold in the market contain some mixed metal in them. Drinking twice or thrice a day from the copper vessel should be enough.

1. It Stimulates Brain Activity

Copper is a vital mineral that is essential for enzymes and is important for normal body function. Our brain functions by transmitting pulses from one neuron to another through an area known as synapses. These neurons are surrounded by a sheath named myelin sheath that acts as a kind of conductive agent helping the flow of impulses.

This way copper actually helps in phospholipids synthesis that is essential for the formation of these myelin sheaths making the brain work much faster and more efficiently. Besides this copper is also known to have a brain-stimulating agent and have anti-convulsive properties that may prevent seizures and related diseases.

2. It Kills viruses

Copper is known to be “oligodynamic” in nature that has antimicrobial properties. It has the ability to kill a wide range of harmful microbes comparatively and rapidly. Most often it can kill the virus within two hours or less than that with a high degree of efficiency.

It is more effective against the bacteria such as “S. Aureus” and “E. coli”. The most common bacteria that are found in our environment, known to cause serious diseases in the human body. It is also known to be helpful to prevent common waterborne diseases such as dysentery, jaundice, and copper.

It can be the cheapest way of cleaning water in countries that do not have a good sanitation system. So if you fear that the water may be contaminated just stored in a copper vessel for 3 to 4 hrs before your drink it sure will be healthy and clean water.

3. It Regulates The Thyroid Gland

The most common cause of hypothyroidism is Hashimoto’s thyroiditis it’s an inflammation in the thyroid gland. Besides these experts do say that thyroid disease was found in the person that usually had low levels of copper in your body.

It was found more common in people with hyperthyroidism that has too much thyroid hormone and in those with low thyroid hormone levels also suffer from this deficiency.

Copper is an important mineral need for the thyroid gland to function normally. So drink water from a copper vessel can get you the needed minerals and possible deficiency that regulates the functioning of the thyroid gland.

4. It Reduces Risk Of Arthritis

Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints that can affect anyone joint or multiple joints at a time. There are more than 100 different types of arthritis that have different causes. The symptoms of arthritis are generally seen in adults over the age of 65 at the age when body cells get damaged or die due to age.

Copper has potent anti-inflammatory properties that can be great for relieving pain and discomfort caused due to inflammation of the joints such as rheumatoid arthritis and arthritis. Besides this copper also have the cell forming properties that can strengthen the bone and boost the immune system, making it the perfect remedy.

5. It Increase Skin Melanin Production

Melanin is a pigment in the body responsible for the determination of color for skin, hair, eye color, etc. It is an important process that protects our skin from harmful effects such as sunlight.

So it is necessary for all of us to eat proper nutritious food that is required for the body. According to the study performed by the University of Maryland Medical Center on copper, it stated that copper helps to produce melanin and elastin, a protein that gives our skin its flexibility.

Copper also helps in the formation of new cells that help to re-establish the uppermost layers of the skin. While Melanin protects the body from harmful sun rays and also accelerate the production of wound healing cells along with the cover-up scars.

6. It Slow Down Aging

Yes, you may find it amazing but it’s true that copper can help you to be young. Copper is full of antioxidants and cell-forming properties that fight against free radicals which is one of the main reasons for the cause of wrinkles.

It also helps in the production of new skin cells and replacing the new cells with the old or dying cells. So the process of formation of new cells can make you look younger.

7. It Boosts Your Digestive System

In this modern world, most people face problems related to indigestion. Indigestion generally appears due to a lack of food combining. When we eat certain food our stomach is unable to digest some food fast this then results in heartburn, gas, and such related problems.

In this copper plays an important role, it can simply lower or resolve the problems on its own. It is because the copper has certain properties that stimulate peristalsis (the process in which food gets digested and moved towards the digestive tract), by killing harmful bacteria responsible and reduce inflammation in the stomach.

Other than this copper also helps to cleanse and detoxify your stomach, regulates the function of the liver, kidneys by proper disposal of waste. Ayurveda text also mentions that your stomach can be detoxified by drink water that has been stored in a copper vessel for more than 8-24 hrs. Consuming water early in the morning on an empty stomach gets the best results.

8. It helps in weight loss

Our body needs various vitamins and minerals for the proper functioning of organs and metabolic processes. Among them, copper is an important mineral that is necessary for our body functions. It is a mineral known for increasing energy production and preventing premature aging.

The latest news revealed by the researchers that metal can help you to lose weight and plays an important role in metabolizing fat. The research performed at the University of California – Berkeley by Professor Chris Chang stated that copper is essential for breaking down fat cells so that it can be used for energy.

Moreover, it also acts as a regulator to break down the fat, the more copper used more fat is broken down. He also said that copper is not something the body can make, so we need to get it through our various diets. He noted that a deficiency in this nutrient could be linked to weight gain and obesity-related diseases but more study is needed.

9. It Heals Wound Fast

No wonder copper can be the best and natural way for healing wounds quickly to some extent, due to its anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory, properties in it.

The other riches that copper has are that it can boost your immune system and aid in the production of new cells. Although its healing properties do not help the body externally but can help wounds from inside making the body an effective healing agent.

10. It Supports Heart Health

Among many diseases, heart disease is the leading ailments that are causing millions of death throughout the world. According to research performed by Dr. Klevay on the effect of copper on health.

He found that among many reasons that cause heart diseases “copper deficiency” is also the main reason behind it. Other studies also stated that for most people who died of heart attacks, their copper content was low than the people who died of other causes.

So it can be said that it may affect heart health, but may not be a cause of heart attack. The American Cancer Society also stated that copper can be helpful to regulate blood pressure, heartbeat, and can also lower the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides.

It can also help to prevent plaque build-up and has the documented effect of dilating blood vessels to allow better blood flow to the heart. So drinking water from the copper vessel can be best for heart health.

11. It Fights Cancer

Cancer is a disease that is becoming very common these days. It can make feeble to both the patient and his family. You might think what the connection between copper is and cancer is.

The connection is very reasonable, as copper is rich in antioxidant properties they can help to fight free radicals and dis-affirm its harmful effects that are the main causes for the development of cancer.

The study by the “American Cancer Society” on the process of how copper can help to prevent the onset of cancer is not yet known. But some studies do show that the copper compound has some properties that can prevent cancer to some extent.

12. It Prevents Anemia

It is a fact that our body needs various vitamins and minerals for efficiently working in the body. The main cause of Anemia is an iron deficiency when the body does get enough iron, it may lead to a decrease in the production of red blood cells.

The oxygen is supplied around the body through these red blood cells and lack of minerals can cause several factors. The formation of the body cell gets aid by absorption of various minerals such as iron, copper, zinc, etc. that make our body from free diseases.

Since copper is also an important mineral that is needed for the formation of cells and for the functioning of your body it can be one of the reasons that may help to keep Anemia at bay.

Special Precautions & Warnings

Copper is considering being safe when taken by mouth in pregnancy and breastfeeding but a dose more than 8 mg per day is recommended.

The personage to 14-18 years is not advised to consume more than 10mg. Taking copper by mouth in large quantities is possibly unsafe and can be dangerous for health.

In Ayurveda there are many theories about the water in Astanga Sangraha, it recommends drinking water kept in a copper vessel for one-third of a day i.e. 8 hours.


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