Liver Cancer Symptoms: Complete diagnosis and Treatment

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With the evolution of new technology, in-depth studies of different aspects in medicine and health, progress in lifestyle, and whatnot, the progression of its death rate have raised great concerns. As humans move ahead to discover new boundaries, the risk boundaries too are getting wider and broader creating more risks for humans. One such risk is Cancer. The underlying guide highlights the points on Liver Cancer, Liver Cancer ke lakshan, diagnosis, and treatment.

Liver Cancer: What is it?

The Liver is the largest organ in the human body and is responsible for performing a wide range of functions. The Liver helps in waste elimination, absorption of nutrients, healing wounds, and much more.

Although, Liver Cancer is a condition in which the cells of the Liver start mutating, grow uncountable, and affect the natural functions. The natural and healthy cells are destroyed and the control is taken by the mutant cells interfering in the natural functioning of the Liver.

There are mainly two types of Liver Cancer classified as Primary and Secondary. Primary Liver Cancer is a condition when carcinogenic mutation starts in the cells of the Liver. While Secondary Liver Cancer is a condition when the carcinogenic cells from other tissues or organs spread to the Liver and infect it.

Carcinogenic cells are different from other body cells. These cells grow uncountably and alter the working of normal and healthy blood cells across the body. These cells spread across the body infecting other organs and tissues of the body.

Liver Cancer Symptoms: Liver Cancer ke Lakshan

Cancer symptoms are often not experienced in the early stages. Liver Cancer is no exception. Many do not experience any symptoms during the early stages of Primary Liver Cancer. Symptoms might appear after some time which might include,

  • As the Liver is situated in the upper abdominal area on the right side, visible symptoms can be observed there. The patient might experience abdominal discomfort, tenderness, and pain.
  • As carcinogenic cells target the Liver, jaundice is often observed as a symptom. In this condition, the skin and white portion of the eyes turn yellow.
  • Pale and chalky stools and dark urine are some other symptoms.
  • Nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite are also quite common among patients with primary Liver Cancer.
  • Other symptoms include bruising or bleeding easily, weakness and fatigue, continued fever or chills, and unexpected weight loss.

In the case of secondary Liver Cancer, the symptoms might vary depending on the type of previous cancer infections. Health Reactive is the best Best cancer treatment center in India that offers comprehensive treatments from experts for Liver Cancer.

Diagnosis of Liver Cancer

There are several methods to diagnose Liver Cancer. Although, your doctor will suggest the respective tests according to your medical condition and physical tests. Here are the diagnostic methods and tests conducted to detect Liver Cancer.

  • Liver Function Test is a blood test conducted to determine the health of the Liver by measuring the enzyme levels in the blood.
  • Alpha-Fetoprotein Test or AFP test detects the presence of AFP in your blood. It can be an indication of Liver Cancer.
  • Imaging tests are generally done to detect the tumor. The tests like ultrasound, CT scan, or MRI scans can help detect the size and position of the tumor.
  • Liver Biopsy is another diagnostic test to detect Liver Cancer. The biopsy can be taken through a needle, a laparoscopic biopsy, or with the help of surgery.
  • Another method is regular screening. It involves regular health and medical checkups to detect cancer beforehand. If the patient suffers from different medical conditions that increase the risk of Liver Cancer, regular screening can help detect cancer in its early stages.

Liver Cancer Treatment

Numerous cancer institutes offer different cancer treatments although, the Liver Cancer treatment cost depends on the severity of cancer. Your doctor will give you the respective treatment depending on the severity and spread of cancer. The most common treatments are

  • Partial Hepatectomy is performed to remove the infected portion of the Liver. It is usually performed in the early stages of Liver Cancer.
  • Liver Transplant is done as a treatment method if the infection is not spread to other organs. In this treatment, the Liver from the suitable donor is transplanted into the patient's body.
  • Evaluation is a method where heat, cooling, and ethanol injections are used to destroy cancer cells.
  • Radiation therapy uses a high radiation beam to destroy cancer cells.
  • Targeted therapy is used to decrease the timer growth with the help of medications.
  • Chemotherapy is a strong drug therapy that targets cancer cells and kills them.
  • Immunotherapy involves the strengthening of the immune system to fight cancer cells.
  • Ayurvedic cancer treatment is another effective method to reduce the discomfort of the body and help revive the body to its original form. Ayurvedic treatments involve the use of Body Revival by Health Reactive.

To sum up, cancer is considered one of the deadliest diseases existing to date. And thus numerous researches are carried out to help overcome the spread and causes of cancer in different parts of the body. Scientist Munir Khan at Health Reactive cancer centre offering comprehensive and effective Liver Cancer treatments.

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