Tips to Improve Digestion for Overall Health

 06 Apr 2021  1041

Your digestion is directly linked to overall health of the body and the mind, below are some tips to aid your digestion and keep it smooth and healthy. If you have any digestive symptoms that are severe or won’t go away, see your doctor.


1. Chew - Digestion starts in the mouth the moment we put food it mixes with saliva and the process begins. Chewing the food properly ensures better digestion in the stomach

2. Plant based Food - Plant foods have fiber which cleans your system and fills you up, which is a plus if you want to lose weight

3. Have Soup and plenty water - Water and other fluid based diet such as soup and broth ease the load on the digestive system and make it efficient. Avoid fizzy drinks that may lead to heart burn.

4. Eat in smaller portion - Smaller amounts of food mean less load on the digestive system. Make sure you chew your food well as that is where the digestion process begins.

5. Exercise - Active people have better digestion, given that exercise helps in reducing stress in the body and bringing down inflammation, so wear your running shoes or get your yoga mat out but make sure you do some exercise daily

6. Probiotics - Probiotics are "good" bacteria that are in your gut. They are in some yogurts and fermented foods. They help with your digestion. You can also add them to your diet with supplements.

7. Raw foods - Try replacing salty and sugary snacks with fruits and nuts as they are not only appropriate for your health but also provide long term health benefits

Hence if you start with these simple tips you are bound to reap its long term health benefits, and if there is any serious concern make sure you get it diagnosed.

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