5 Ayurveda Remedies to Improve Heart Health

 16 Dec 2020  1164

Heart diseases such as blockage, strokes, and heart attacks are common among many elderly. However, there are some remedies right at your home that will help you eliminate these problems. 

Drinking an appropriate amount of water and having a healthy and balanced diet are some measures that can keep our heart healthy. Ayurveda also offers us some natural ways and remedies that will help our heart to function well.
5 Ways to improve heart health

1. Cardamoms:
It is most commonly known as Elaichi and is very commonly used in Indian Kitchens. Apart from providing good taste to your dishes, cardamom also helps to improve the blood pressure and maintain proper blood circulation in the body. This eventually improves your heart health and reduce the risk of heart attacks.

2. Garlic:
It is one of the most valuable herbs in Ayurveda. It helps you in treating many heart diseases. It reduces the toxic material in the body and helps you to build new blood vessels. It also cleans the blood arteries to improve blood circulation. You must therefore include garlic in your daily diet for better health conditions. 

3. Cinnamon: 
Another name for Cinnamon is Dalchini. It is an aromatic spice that is commonly used in Indian Kitchens. Cinnamon contains a large number of antioxidants. It helps you to lower down the blood sugar level and maintains a level of insulin in the body. It also reduces the level of general cholesterol and LDL in the body. Therefore, it is recommended to increase Cinnamon intake to reduce the risk of heart blockage and disorders. 

4. Heart tonic made with herbs:
You can easily make a heart tonic with some herbs at your home. The ingredients used in heart tonic are available in your kitchen. The ingredients you need for this tonic are ginger, garlic, lemon, apple, honey, etc. Make a mixture of these ingredients and boil it until it gets thick. When the mixture cools down, add some honey to it. Store this tonic in a container and eat a spoon daily in the morning

5. The bark of the Arjuna tree:
The bark of the Arjuna tree is one of the most effective remedies to cure health problems. It protects the heart from the toxic material inside our body. Arjuna bark is available in the form of powders, capsules, etc. 

Thus, these above mentioned Ayurvedic remedies are followed by a large number of people. You can try and follow the best which suits you.

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