10 things you should eat this summer

 07 Mar 2020  1427

It is time for you to pamper yourself with food that brings freshness and relaxation to your body since the dreadful summer is knocking. Have a look at some of the essential intakes or your body keeping you energized all the time.


Lots and lots of water
Consuming around four to five liters of water is a must. It keeps you hydrated and helps in the restoration of water lost through sweat during summers.


Having fresh fruits such as Watermelon and Oranges are very important. They help to cool your body and prevent any kind of digestive problem. They contain the nutrients essential for the body.


Yogurt must be included in your everyday meal. It is rich in proteins, calcium, vitamins and prevents digestive problems.


Salad leaves
You can eat salad leaves such as basil leaves and rocket leaves with a yogurt topping. It offers great taste and is very healthy.


Fruit Juices
If you are reluctant to have fruits, you can make scrumptious juices from the fruits. Watermelon juice, Orange juice or lemon juice can be a rescue from the scorching heat. It ensures the consumption of water and fruits at the same time.


Barley water
You can have one to two glasses of barley water every day. Squeezing a lemon might be a savior from the bland taste of barley water. It is very healthy and prevents constipation.


Melons can be easily used in salads, milkshakes or desserts to enhance the taste. Melons contain the necessary vitamins required. It keeps you fresh and helps the body stay hydrated.


Coconut water
Coconut water facilitates the cooling effect. It contains carbohydrates, simple sugar mixed with minerals facilitating hydration. It is very important to consume the lost minerals and coconut helps in the restoration of minerals.


Cucumber and bottle guard
Cucumber and bottle guard consists of fiber and water content. This water content helps in cooling effect and facilitates hydration.


Peanuts serve to be the best snack. It contains good fats and proteins. It is essential for summers.


Summers call for a lot of losing water and minerals through sweat. It is extremely important to retain the lost minerals, vitamins and water. Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet ensures the consumption of necessary nutrients. It is extremely important to have the mentioned food to keep one’s body fit and healthy. So, enjoy the beautiful summers with them!

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