Amazing 14 Tips to Stay Healthy This Thanksgiving

 24 Jul 2019  1006

Here are some amazing tips to stay fit and healthy during this holiday season, without compromising on any lip smacking flavours or fun.

Stay Fit

1. Move out
If you are an early bed riser, then going for a brisk walk in the morning is a great idea. Feel the fresh breeze and calmness outside while indulging in the fitness activity.

2. Do it fast
Aren’t having time to hit the gym? Trying home based circuit workouts can make a lot of difference. You can simply wrap up your workout within 20 minutes and feel better all day.

3. Split up the chores
Try to indulge in those daily activities that maximum burns calories. Just like planning to clean your bedroom or any other household chores can burn more calories than you would think.

4. Bust a move
Who wouldn’t love dancing? Yes, we all and so does your family. Organize cousins get together at home for a dance party that helps you burn some more calories.


Stay Healthy

5. Eat in the a.m.
Satisfy your taste buds in the early hours of your day so that you don’t end up going overboard for dinner.

6. Hydrate.
Ensure to stay hydrated throughout your day by consuming at least two litres water

7. Go easy on the apps.
You may come across chocolates and cheese at any point of time in a day. So, be prepared for surprises to come in your way and save your appetite.

8. Use a smaller plate.
Pick up a smaller plate while having your meal that will help you in cutting down unwanted number of calorie intake.

9. Dim the lights.
Studies revealed that having food under dim light may help you consume less food. Go ahead and make love with the ambiance and not food.

10. Chew slowly.
The fast eaters are high calorie consumers and slow eaters end up consuming less calories.



11. Inhale, exhale.
Engrossed in your daily routine? Don’t worry. Take 6 to 10 deep breaths to relax yourself down.

12. Write it down.
Let your progress be your inspiration. Track your calorie count in a journal daily so that you know how much you’re consuming.

13. Meditate.
Meditation can work wonders to lower stress.

14. Get enough sleep.
Ensure to give yourself restful sleep for at least 7-9 hours at night before Thanksgiving.


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