Ayurveda Treatment for neurological disorder/ Disease

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Ayurveda Treatment for neurological disorder/ Disease

Several plants are effective at treating anxiety and panic attacks Diseases affecting the brain, spine, and nerves that link the spine and brain are referred to as neurological illnesses. The following are some of the most prevalent neurological disorders:

• Alzheimer's condition (AD)

• Several Sclerosis

• Epilepsy

• Migraines

• Alzheimer's disease

Ayurvedic Treatment for Neurological Conditions

Ayurveda is a traditional medical system that has its roots in India. It uses a holistic strategy to focus on healing the whole person. Treatments in Ayurveda are based on the vata, pitta, & kapha doshas, whose harmony results from their balance while their imbalance results in toxic buildup inside the body. The three are meant to remain in balance, according to Ayurveda. It also goes by the name "Vatavyadhi," and it offers successful treatments for a variety of neurological disorders.

Ayurvedic writings mention 80 different varieties of Vatavyadhi, which might be Vata is classified into four groups: Kevala vata (Vata solo), Samsarga (Vata along with Pitta and Kapha), Avarana (as a result of other Dosha/Dhatu/Mala entanglement), & Dhatu Kshaya Janya (neurodegenerative).

Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurveda is a system of medicine based on plants. It's widely used to treat a variety of diseases because it's natural and safe. The central nervous system-affecting conditions of panic and anxiety can be effectively treated by a number of herbs. Herbs and minerals are a gift from nature that not only treat symptoms but also guarantee recovery by controlling neuronal biokinesis and averting recurrence, relapse, and hardship.

Numerous neurological disorders, including migraine, sinus, Parkinson's disease, anxiety, stress, sleeplessness, epilepsy, hysterics, cerebral palsy, and stroke, can be treated with ayurvedic medicine. Panchakarma therapy is used to treat various neurological disorders because it emphasizes holistic care for long-lasting results.

Common treatments used in panchakarma therapy include:

• Anxiety is treated with chamomile tea, kava root, passion flower, ginseng, and Cannabis Sativa.

• As a natural relaxant and to treat sleeplessness and panic attacks, valerian is utilized.

• The neuroprotective qualities of Ginkgo biloba & Hypericum perforatum make them effective in treating learning disabilities and memory problems.

• The Achyranthes Aspera or thorny chaff flower's powdered seeds can be inhaled to ease headaches and stiffness.

• By eliminating forgetfulness, bark powder from the Acorus calamus, also known as Sweet flag root, improves memory. It is useful for anxiety & epilepsy when taken with honey. For facial paralysis, it is advised to combine this powder in an equal amount with ginger powder.

• Epilepsy can be cured with honey and Malabar nut powder.

• The Siris tree's seed powder is used to treat hysteria, anxiety, psychosis, and insanity.

• Vertigo and headaches are reduced by coriander extract.

• To treat brain diseases, dodder plant and marble juice is mixed with water.

• Madness is treated with peepal tree branch extract.

• For hysteria and epilepsy, drumstick plant roots are decocted.

• Parkinson's disease can be effectively treated with velvet beans.

• Sleeplessness, delirium, convulsions, etc. can all be helped by poppy.

• Guava leaf decoction is used to treat both physical and mental abnormalities.

• Pomegranate leaves can treat exhaustion and sleeplessness when diluted in boiling water & given with warm milk.

• Madness can be cured by combining rose petals and pomegranate leaves in boiling water.

• To treat migraines, earlobes are painted with a mixture of cloves and water.

• Almonds increase recall, particularly when started at a young age.

• By combining relaxation and discipline, yoga and meditation assist in enhancing mental wellness.

Neurological diseases are conditions that affect the brain, and spine, including nerves that connect the spine and brain. The vata, pitta, and Kapha doshas constitute the foundation for Ayurvedic treatments. Several herbs are beneficial at treating panic and anxiety. It places a focus on holistic treatment for outcomes that last. Hysteria is treated using a powder made from Siris tree seeds.

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