Secrets for staying hydrated during Ramadan

 16 Jul 2019  1476

Water is the most important fluid in the human body, but during the time of Ramadan fast people and do not drink water. Most of them drink some water during Iftar and they forget about drinking water the whole day. This is also followed during the complete period of fasting. It is important to stay hydrated during those days even without drinking water. Here are some secrets to avoiding dehydration during fasting.  

Avoid caffeine drinks

Caffeine has the property of diuretic effect and increases urine production where the salt and water is removed from the body. As you drink coffee or tea with the presence of caffeine, it increases the thirst and creates dehydration. The best thing that you can do is having a glass of pure water with some sweet fruit such dates when you need to break your fast.

Costumes take importance

When speaking about how to avoid thirst during fasting, the color and the material of cloth that you ware plays a vital role. It is better to be cautious in choosing the color of the dress you wear. If you are working indoor it is right to choose a light colored shirt and if you need to spend more time outside, it is better to choose a dark color to protect the effect from the sun. Try to avoid black color since it will attract heat and lock you near to your body.

Have proper workout

Work out is the most important to have control over your body. This helps you highly during the time of fasting during Ramadan as well. Involving in proper exercise will help you in maintaining hydrated even when you are not drinking water during Ramadan. Since the excise will help in disposing of toxins and some other harmful elements that cause dehydration.

Try some cold showers

Having a cold shower is one of the ways of avoiding dehydration during fasting. The thirst can become normal after a couple of days of fasting. There can be some other issues like cracked lips, dizziness, increased weakness, increase body temperature, labored breathing, flushed skin, etc. To overcome these issues it is good to have a shower with cold water. Spend 5 to 10 minutes under the shower or use a wet cloth and apply them on your forehead, upper back, chest, around the ears and this will help you highly for water retention during Ramadan.

Break your fast with fruits and vegetables

When you need to be hydrated during Ramadan it is important to be careful in answering the question of what to eat during Ramadan? The best food would be fruits and vegetable. It is not only the food that is good for the body but also the food that is good to stay hydrated as well. Certain fruits and vegetables will contain water and make the food nutritious and refreshing. You can prefer watermelons, celery, tomatoes, star-fruits, and cucumbers. It is also right to have them in the form of salads as well.

Make sure you follow the necessary precaution during the time of fasting to avoid being sick and also to continue in fasting for the entire time period!

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