The health benefits of honey

 24 Jul 2019  1523

Honey has been used as a medicine since ancient times. Using honey during winter is the most natural way to treat cold and fever. Therefore, the popularity of using honey as a medicine has risen since a decade.

Treats Allergies
Honey works wonders if you are allergic to any tree and weed pollen affecting your any body part. It has the ability to cure your allergic symptoms primarily caused by wind-borne pollens from plants which doesn’t require any pollination from the bees.

Prevents Blood Sugar
Are you likely to become a sweet tooth and willing to satisfy your sweet taste buds? Honey is an amazing way to kill your sweet taste cravings. The secondary use of honey is to use it as a natural sweetening agent that will not affect your blood sugar levels at all.


Prevents Cholesterol and Heart Disease
To regulate the cholesterol level, it is suggested by doctors to select a food wisely. It is mandatory to pick cholesterol-lowering foods only throughout your life to keep your cholesterol at healthy levels. Other then vegetables and whole grains, you can also add honey in the list that lowers the risk of heart diseases. Studies have revealed that honey lowers cholesterol by 7 %.


Wound Care
As mentioned, honey has been used as medicine due to its anti-bacterial properties.  You can easily apply honey on burn and wound to heal it naturally. It’s drying and antioxidant properties offer quick healing. Studies reveal that treating wounds with the application of honey resulted in significantly less infections when compared to other traditional treatments.


Treating Coughs
If suffering from cough, just two tablespoons of honey can effectively treat. While including honey in your daily meal, you should be using it in a small amount as it is high in calories. It is suitable to use in daily cooking, but make sure the heat doesn’t destroy its healthy enzymes.

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