Treatment of Asthama in Ayurveda

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Treatment of Asthama in Ayurveda

These days, asthma is a highly widespread issue due to unhealthy or hazardous environments. The airways are impacted by asthma, which is a chronic illness. Patients with asthma are unable to take a full breaths, and if their body's breathing level falls, they require an immediate remedy. Patients with asthma must be aware of all settings, whether they are healthy or unhealthy. Asthma patients benefit most from ayurvedic medicine because it is all-natural, pure, and secure. Patients with asthma can benefit from ayurvedic supplements, which help them battle the disease. Taking advantage of Ayurvedic asthma treatment, many people are experiencing positive outcomes. Nowadays, the need for effective therapy is more than Ayurvedic treatment is time-consuming, but it produces good results, and every patient should be aware of this.

Describe asthma

An inflammatory condition that affects the lungs' airways is asthma. It makes physical activities like breathing difficult. The lining of the airways swells during an asthma attack, and the muscles that surround them become tight. The air passageways are then filled with mucus, which limits the amount of oxygen that may move through.

Treatment for Asthma in Ayurveda

Get Ayurvedic for your asthma symptoms; it works wonders. The ayurvedic treatment is effective and strengthens the body's internal system, which aids in the fight against diseases like asthma. Patients with asthma require effective and successful treatment, and ayurvedic asthma treatment is the best option the ideal choice for them.

Asthma symptoms

Night time coughing

A wheezing noise

chest constriction


breathing difficulty

Which factors contribute to asthma?

According to Ayurveda, asthma is caused by vitiation of the Vata and Kapha doshas. Asthma symptoms are brought on by Kapha clogging the airway and disrupting Vata flow. The two main kinds of asthma are allergic and bronchial asthma. Both bronchial and allergy conditions are brought on by weak lungs.

Asthma has numerous other primary causes, including:

Environment-related toxins


parasitic infections


tense way of life

genetic influences

Asthma Diagnosis & Ayurvedic Treatment

Using a stethoscope examination, blood testing for allergies, and spirometry tests to assess lung function, a clinician can determine whether a patient has asthma. The main goals of the Ayurvedic treatment for asthma are to eliminate the underlying causes of airway blockage and to strengthen the airway muscles. The three doshas—Vata, Pitta, and Kapha—present in the human body are also balanced by this practise. During an asthma attack, excessive mucus production brought on by a Kapha imbalance obstructs the respiratory passages. The recommended diet, lifestyle modifications, and ayurvedic asthma medications make up the therapy plan for this condition. The symptoms can be reduced by using garlic, turmeric (Haldi), basil (Tulasi), dry ginger (Saunth), black pepper (Kali Mirch), & drinking warm water.

The management of asthma

Deep breathing (Pranayam) will aid in strengthening the airways muscles and preventing asthma attacks in addition to Ayurvedic treatment for asthma. If possible, As a general guideline, you should avoid stepping outside in cold weather, icy conditions, or dusty environments. These locations are known to precipitate asthma episodes and its symptoms.

Ayurvedic Asthma Treatment: Lifestyle and Diet

The condition can be made worse by using nicotine, curd, frozen foods, fried foods, processed foods, cold drinks, baked goods, and perfumes. As a result, the patient receiving Ayurvedic asthma treatment should avoid them. Additionally, doing yoga and exercising regularly keeps you healthy and wards off a number of diseases that could otherwise knock on your door.
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