Uterus Cancer Types, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

 18 May 2022  1313

Uterus cancer treatment

Womb cancer is a type of cancer that starts affects the uterus. During pregnancy, a baby grows in the womb (uterus). The majority of womb cancers begin in the womb lining (endometrium), which is also recognized as endometrial cancer. The severity of womb cancer is determined by its size, whether it has spread, and your overall health.

Types of Uterus cancer

Uterus cancer is categorized into two categories that create in various bits of the uterus:

Endometrial cancer occurs in the uterine lining, known as the endometrium. It is the most commonly used category of uterine cancer, taking account for over 90% of cases.

A uterine sarcoma is a special form of uterine cancer that develops in the uterus's muscles or other tissues.

The primary symptoms of uterus cancer

The following are some of the most common symptoms of Uterus cancer:

  • Vaginal bleeding or spotting after menopause period
  • pain from one’s vagina
  • unusual for your vaginal discharge between your periods
  • a shift in your vaginal discharge

Other signs of Uterus cancer include:

  • a cluster or swelling in the tummy or between the hip bones (pelvis)
  • lower back pain or pain among one hip bone (pelvis)
  • pain while having sex blood throughout your pee

Who is at a higher risk of developing Uterus cancer?

Anyone with a womb can develop uterus cancer. Women, trans men, nonbinary people, and intersex individuals with wombs are all included. If you've had your womb removed, you can't get womb cancer (hysterectomy). One of the main factors that increase your risk of womb cancer is having a very high amount of the stress hormone estrogen.

Uterus cancer treatment

When detected early, Uterus Cancer Treatment is a disease treatable.

The uterus Cancer ka ilaz would be determined by:

  • the capacity of cancer, where it is, and whether or not it has spread your overall health
  • Typically, it will include surgery, chemotherapy, or radiotherapy. It may also include cancer treatment with targeted medications.

The specialty care team that will be searching after you will:

  • explain the treatments, their advantages, and disadvantages
  • work with you to develop the best uterus cancer treatment in India plan for you assist you in managing any adverse effects, along with any adjustments to your diet inform you about just the impact one care has on your fertility
  • You will be examined on a regular basis during and after whatever treatments. You may also be subjected to additional tests.


To kill cancer cells, radiotherapy employs high-energy rays of radiation. For womb cancer, radiotherapy may be used as the primary treatment Uterus Cancer treatment in Mumbai if surgery is not possible or if cancer has spread after surgery, usually in conjunction with chemotherapy (drug loading), to help prevent cancer from returning.


Chemotherapy is the application of drugs to the killing of cancer cells. You could receive chemotherapy for uterus cancer: If you are unable to have surgery, the main treatment for womb cancer is radiotherapy (called chemoradiotherapy) followed by surgery (usually with radiotherapy) to try and stop cancer from returning and to assist slow cancer back and relieve symptoms if has spread to other parts of your body.

Hormone replacement therapy

If cancer spreads outside one’s womb to certain other parts of your body, you may be given hormone therapy to alleviate symptoms or slim down and control it. This treatment is appropriate if you are not in good enough health to undergo surgery or radiotherapy.

Ayurvedic treatment for uterus Cancer

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